Rodrigo Zavala: Leaving a Legacy – Shaping Tomorrow’s Success Today

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    Rodrigo Zavala is a distinguished executive renowned for his transformative leadership and extensive global experience spanning multiple sectors. As the President and CEO of  several energy companies (Bach and Stern, Starsolar and Puma Energy, he has strategically guided the company through significant growth and operational excellence initiatives. Rodrigo’s career is characterized by a deep understanding of energy markets, having held pivotal roles in both Oil and Gas and renewables operations. His visionary leadership has propelled Puma Energy to expand its footprint across Latin America and other emerging markets, fostering strategic partnerships and enhancing operational efficiencies. His hands on approach to leadership has been instrumental to the renewables startups he developed.

    With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad de Belgrano and additional executive education from prestigious institutions like University of Chicago and Columbia Business School, Rodrigo combines academic rigor with practical insights. His commitment to continuous learning is evident through certifications in digital strategies, design thinking, and blockchain fundamentals, underscoring his adaptability in navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape.

    Rodrigo Zavala’s leadership extends beyond corporate realms into board memberships of influential organizations such as Digitalundivided (DID) and NACS, where he actively shaped industry standards and advocates for economic empowerment and sustainable practices. His multilingual proficiency in Spanish, English and Portuguese enhances his ability to foster international partnerships and navigate diverse cultural landscapes seamlessly.

    Passionate about leveraging business as a force for positive change, Rodrigo champions causes ranging from education and economic empowerment to environmental sustainability and healthcare. His accolades include recognition as a Rising Star Individual by the Platts Global Energy Awards in 2014, underscoring his impact and influence in the energy sector.

    In addition to his corporate achievements, Rodrigo is committed to nurturing high-performance teams and fostering a culture of innovation. He emphasizes strategic foresight, operational excellence, and ethical leadership, setting a benchmark for industry peers. Rodrigo Zavala’s dedication to driving sustainable growth while prioritizing social responsibility continues to shape the future of global business leadership, inspiring others to pursue excellence and impactful change.

    Rodrigo Zavala’s personal interests in arts and culture reflect his well-rounded approach to leadership, blending analytical prowess with a creative mindset. His involvement in fostering economic empowerment through board roles underscores his commitment to inclusive growth strategies. As Rodrigo continues to steer Bach and Stern towards new horizons, his legacy as a visionary leader committed to both business success and societal impact is firmly established, setting a precedent for future generations of executives.

    Character: Rodrigo Zavala embodies integrity and resilience, guiding his decisions with a steadfast commitment to ethical leadership and accountability.

    Knowledge: With deep expertise spanning diverse industries and global markets, Rodrigo leverages strategic insights and a robust skill set to drive sustainable growth and innovation.

    Strategic: Rodrigo excels in crafting and executing transformative strategies that optimize organizational performance and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

    Communication: Known for his adept communication skills, Rodrigo fosters transparency and collaboration, ensuring alignment across stakeholders and inspiring teams toward shared goals.


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