The Corporate Matchmaker: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Executive Position

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    Insights from Martin Rowinski’s Best-Selling Book on Executive Recruiting and Personal Branding

    “The Corporate Matchmaker” by Martin Rowinski is a book that provides a unique and insightful look at the executive recruiting process. Martin Rowinski draws upon his extensive experience as a seasoned executive recruiter to provide a comprehensive guide to help executives seeking to advance their careers.

    The book takes readers through the different stages of the executive recruiting process, from preparing for the search to positioning oneself as a top candidate, to negotiating and closing the deal. Martin provides detailed insights into the mindset of the executive recruiter, as well as practical tips and strategies for executives to stand out in the recruiting process.

    In “The Corporate Matchmaker,” Martin emphasizes the importance of personal branding and highlights strategies for executives to build their personal brand, including developing a strong online presence, leveraging social media, and engaging in thought leadership activities such as speaking engagements and publishing articles.

    The book also delves into the key factors that executive recruiters look for in top candidates, such as leadership ability, strategic thinking, and cultural fit. Martin offers advice on how executives can demonstrate these qualities throughout the recruiting process and ultimately secure their desired position.

    Overall, “The Corporate Matchmaker” is a valuable resource for executives seeking to advance their careers and navigate the executive recruiting process. The book provides practical insights and strategies that can help executives stand out in a competitive market and position themselves for success.

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