Katja Kempe: Viveka CEO and Founder

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    Katja Kempe is the CEO of Viveka, an innovative live-coaching and transformational learning ecosystem that helps companies and individuals reach their full potential. Passionate about personal and professional development, Katja has built an all-in-one destination that addresses the entire Learning & Development (L&D) journey for HR departments, employees, and coaches. As an internationally experienced, multilingual entrepreneur, she is driven by innovation and a strong belief in creating positive and sustainable change.

    Awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year Asia-Pacific and recognized as one of ‘Yahoo Finance’s 21 top founders to change the way we do business in 2021’, Katja is a force to be reckoned with in the business world. As a bestselling author, she shares her expertise alongside industry giants like Elon Musk and the founders of Stripe, Bumble, and Canva.

    Viveka’s vision is to provide transformational learning experiences to billions. In 2021, the company launched V-Corp, an enterprise SaaS solution for learning and development, which assists HR departments in training, retraining, and upskilling employees for a new way of working. Viveka’s coaching solution, V-Coach, integrates with V-Corp, which makes it easy for coaches to run and grow their coaching businesses.

    Katja’s impressive background includes her work as Global Strategy Manager and then COO for top international law firms. She was a key part of the most successful global merger in the legal industry. Her academic credentials include a Master of International Business in Sydney, Australia and a Bachelor of Honours in Business Administration in Munich, Germany.

    Corporate clients of Viveka know that their human capital is their most valuable asset and are committed to using innovative learning solutions to retain their top-performing employees. These organizations have experienced double-figure increases in productivity and sales revenue, more engaged employees, reduced stress, less sick leave, absenteeism, and higher staff retention because of partnering with Viveka.

    For coaches, Viveka generates more exposure, leads, and clients while reducing the costs and time spent on administrative tasks. By addressing market confusion, a lack of transparency, and trust issues in the unregulated coaching market, Viveka guides clients through the process of finding and working with vetted experts tailored to their specific needs.

    Katja is multi-lingual and speaks English and German fluently, and has sufficient language knowledge in French and Spanish, which demonstrates her wide range of skills and global perspective.

    To learn more about Katja Kempe, Viveka, and its transformative services, visit or email [email protected]


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