Tamika Baker: Empowering Leadership as Chief Risk & Responsibility Officer

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    Tamika Baker is a visionary C-suite executive with a passion for transforming cultures, driving strategy alignment, and fostering leadership development. As the Chief Risk and Responsibility Officer at Regional Management, Tamika has made an indelible mark on the organization by building transformative ESG & ERM programs, leading through crises, and developing senior leaders to excel in their roles. With the majority of her career spent serving in risk and strategic roles within large financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, and USAA, Tamika brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her current role.

    Throughout her distinguished career, Tamika has been a change agent, strategically influencing organizations’ trajectories through her leadership and mentorship. As the Chief Strategy & Risk Officer for Firstmark Credit Union, she, along with her c-suite colleagues, orchestrated the transformation of the organization’s culture, leading to their first-ever “Best Places to Work” award and a remarkable increase in employee retention from 70% to 87%. With an eye for talent, Tamika groomed an internal leader with no prior risk management experience and guided them to rise three levels to become the Chief Risk Officer. Her ability to infuse thought diversity into the C-suite has been instrumental in developing strong leadership teams that excel in their roles.

    In her current position at Regional Management, Tamika has demonstrated exemplary leadership, overseeing Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Responsibility/ESG, Business Resiliency, and Cyber Security programs. She is dedicated to aligning the ESG & ERM roadmaps with the company’s strategy, mission, vision, and risk appetite, ensuring sustainable growth and a positive impact on the organization and its stakeholders. As a dynamic leader, she presents quarterly updates to the Board of Directors, Risk Committee, and Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee, ensuring transparency and accountability in risk management and corporate responsibility initiatives.

    Tamika’s contributions extend beyond her professional accomplishments. Her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity in leadership roles is a guiding principle that has earned her recognition as a Power50 award honoree in 2022 and 2023 by the National Diversity Council for Women Executives. She believes in using her influence and position to mentor and coach minorities and women, nurturing a new generation of diverse leaders who will make a lasting impact on their organizations and communities.  As a mother of two teenage boys, Tamika is a champion for women executives when it comes to managing the demands of c-suite leadership and raising children.  She shares her pearls of wisdom when she speaks at various leadership conferences and as a contributor to the NY Times article “8 Ways to Set Boundaries Between Work and Kids.
    Beyond her professional pursuits, Tamika is an ordained minister alongside her husband Korey Baker. Together, they leverage their entrepreneurial and executive experiences to inspire and mentor the next generation. Their devotion to community development is evident in her role as a board member for Junior Achievement of South Texas and her husband’s 20 years of service with non-profits before launching his own business. Tamika’s leadership mantra, “If serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you,” reflects her genuine dedication to making a difference in the lives of others and empowering them to reach their full potential.

    Tamika’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University in San Antonio, TX. As a lifelong learner, she is currently completing her Master’s degree in seminary, constantly seeking to deepen her knowledge and insights to drive meaningful change in her role as a strategic executive. Tamika has not only mastered the art of leadership but has also consistently demonstrated her ability to innovate, drive results, and create a positive impact on the organizations she serves.

    Her commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, her strategic approach to risk management, and her dedication to developing leaders make Tamika Baker an inspiring and influential figure in the corporate world. Her unwavering pursuit of excellence and her strong belief in the power of leadership to drive positive change position her as a transformative force in the business community.

    Character: Tamika Baker is a visionary and authentic leader with a passion for developing leaders and fostering diversity within senior leadership roles.

    Knowledge: With extensive experience in risk management, strategy execution, and corporate responsibility, Tamika brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Chief Risk & Responsibility Officer.

    Strategic: Tamika is a strategic thinker who infuses thought diversity into the C-suite, aligning ESG & ERM programs with the company’s mission and risk appetite to drive sustainable growth.

    Communication: As a dynamic speaker, Tamika shares her insights on impactful leadership, dynamic team building, and identifying blind spots in various executive leadership and women in leadership seminars.


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