Suresh Visvanathan: Global Business Strategist and Innovator

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    Suresh Visvanathan is a seasoned global business leader renowned for his exceptional achievements across a three-decade career at top-tier companies. Suresh has a history of transforming organizations into thriving businesses while achieving unprecedented growth. His track record is one of innovation, strategic prowess, and unwavering commitment. His journey through companies such as GEP, Zycus, Parametric Technology Corporation Inc., TE Connectivity, and HCL Communications Ltd. showcases his versatile expertise and trailblazing impact.

    A Visionary Trailblazer in Software Sales

    As the Global Head of Software Sales and Chief Revenue Officer at GEP, Suresh embodies strategic brilliance and results-driven leadership. With an MBA from a reputed institute in India and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Madras, Suresh’s education provided the foundation for his exceptional rise.

    Architect of Growth and Strategic Excellence

    Suresh’s acumen for developing transformative process improvements is legendary. He has consistently pioneered initiatives that elevate productivity, enhance reliability, and amplify client satisfaction. Recognized as an “All-In” leader, Suresh has played an integral role in GEP’s meteoric rise as a leader in cloud-based procurement and supply chain solutions.

    Driving Global Growth and Strategic Partnerships

    Serving on GEP’s Global Executive Leadership Team, Suresh’s strategic initiatives have sparked global expansion. His leadership has facilitated nearly 100% YoY growth in the Software business. Under his purview, GEP has acquired several marquee clientele globally and solidified partnerships with several industry giants like KPMG, PWC, BCG, and other global players.

    A Legacy of Excellence and Achievement

    Several significant accomplishments have marked Suresh’s extraordinary journey:

    • Spearheaded GEP into a global leader in procurement and supply chain solutions.
    • Spearheaded sustained growth at Zycus, driving the customer base to over 225 accounts by 2011.
    • Captured the first key strategic client agreements across several global markets during GEP’s growth and executed the same for ZYCUS as well during his decade plus tenure in these organizations.
    • Orchestrated a cultural shift in sales process at TE Connectivity, infusing innovation and strategy and delivered significant growth.

    A Leader with a Difference

    Suresh’s leadership extends beyond boardrooms, as an Angel Investor in biomedical corporations. His leadership has consistently transcended expectations, creating robust teams, and empowering them for peak performance. He holds a deep commitment to discipline, ethics, and the meticulous execution of strategies. Suresh’s approach combines visionary thinking with a comprehensive understanding of operational intricacies.

    Shaping a Brighter Future

    Suresh Visvanathan’s remarkable journey defines him as an executive of exceptional caliber. His masterful orchestration of strategic initiatives, exceptional leadership, and dedication to innovation have carved a legacy that inspires future generations of business leaders. Suresh is not just an executive; he’s a visionary trailblazer shaping a brighter future for organizations and industries alike.


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