Robert Bates: Global Executive and Creative Strategist

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    Robert Bates is a seasoned global executive with over 25 years of experience in leading technology initiatives across more than 22 countries. With a focus on driving exceptional leadership and strategic prowess, Robert specializes in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and fostering diversity within organizations. He brings a unique blend of hands-on engineering and leadership skills to the table, enabling him to navigate complex environments seamlessly.

    Throughout his career, Robert has held various leadership positions, including Executive Director roles at CVS Health. In these roles, he led cloud strategy and migration initiatives, focusing on multi-cloud deployment, automation, and sustainability. His efforts resulted in a 35% increase in automation and a reduced carbon footprint, showcasing his commitment to driving innovation and sustainability.

    Prior to his tenure at CVS Health, Robert worked with global clients as an Independent Organizational Development Consultant, where he played a key role in developing leadership teams and optimizing organizational structures. His expertise in aligning performance criteria with business objectives led to significant improvements in sales effectiveness and operational performance.

    Robert’s career journey also includes executive leadership roles at companies such as HP, Siemens, BearingPoint, HCL, Aditi Technologies, WIPRO, and Aetna. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami and additional certification in Horticulture & Viticulture from Washington State University, Robert brings a diverse skill set and a wealth of knowledge to every project he undertakes.

    Passionate about innovation and committed to driving sustainable solutions, Robert thrives on tackling complex challenges and delivering transformative results. His EQ-centered leadership approach, combined with his deep expertise in technology and strategic planning, makes him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to drive growth and success in today’s dynamic business landscape. Connect with Robert to explore how he can help your organization achieve its strategic objectives and drive meaningful change.

    Character: Robert Bates is a seasoned global executive known for his EQ-centered leadership, commitment to diversity, and ability to empower individuals to unlock their full potential.

    Knowledge: With over 25 years of experience in technology leadership across more than 22 countries, Robert brings a wealth of expertise in areas such as cloud strategy, automation, sustainability, and organizational development.

    Strategic: Robert excels in developing adaptable, pragmatic, and metric-driven strategies, focusing on core platform optimization, integration systems, analytics, and foundational data services to drive operational excellence and innovation.

    Communication: Known for his effective communication skills, Robert fosters collaboration, trust, and transparency within teams, enabling informed decision-making and alignment with strategic objectives across diverse stakeholders.


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