Rajeev Chandrasekharan: Driving Business and Technology Transformation

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    Rajeev Chandrasekharan is a strategic business and technology executive with over two decades of leadership experience in solving complex problems in innovative ways. His track record of success includes transforming organizations and cultures to enhance responsiveness to customers and drive profitable growth. As a leader, Rajeev fosters innovation, collaboration, and a fun and engaging culture that enables employees to create groundbreaking solutions.

    Throughout his career, Rajeev has been a requested speaker, contributed to industry conferences, and released multiple articles and videos. His expertise lies in the following key areas:

    Business & Technology Transformation: Rajeev excels in connecting people, processes, technology, and data to navigate complex organizations and drive value. He played a pivotal role in enabling a remarkable $1 billion EBITDA growth over three years by enhancing sales efficiencies, reducing service costs, introducing new services, and increasing online digital adoption.

    Digital & Product Development: As a visionary in digital innovation, Rajeev pioneered the wireless digital channel with new capabilities, leading to an industry-leading digital channel mix of 40% for sales and 70% for service. He introduced new virtual ways of working, improved customer experience through wireless digital acquisition portals, digital sales chat, innovative digital video chat, and appointments. Additionally, Rajeev led the development of successful products, including a security platform generating $400 million in revenue, cloud solutions with $1.1 billion in revenue, and self-serve omnichannel for small businesses.

    Customer & Business Partner Engagement: Rajeev is highly regarded by clients as a strategic partner who approaches business problems with thoughtful questions and innovative ideas to enhance customer experiences. His collaborative approach has been instrumental in engaging large customers across diverse industries such as finance, technology, manufacturing, entertainment, and transportation.

    Problem-Solving through Non-Linear Thinking: An advocate of design thinking, Rajeev focuses on finding creative and viable solutions, bypassing obstacles in problem-solving. He orchestrated novel crowdsourcing competitions and global hackathons within Verizon, engaging the entire organization in designing optimal applications and promoting enterprise-wide agile practices, reducing cycle times from weeks to days.

    Motivating & Mentoring Global Teams: Rajeev’s personalized and unique leadership style energizes teams to take on complex challenges while having fun. He is passionate about empowering solution-oriented teams to exceed client expectations and initiated a custom leadership and mentoring program for mid-level managers.

    Rajeev’s distinguished experience includes working at Verizon, where he held key leadership positions in various divisions, such as Vice President/CIO for Verizon Small Business, Verizon Wholesale, and Systems of Engagement. During his tenure, he managed all enterprise systems, digital initiatives, and wireless technology for different segments, driving significant revenue growth and successful transformations.

    In his current role as Founder of “Experience & Unlimited,” Rajeev continues to drive technology and business transformation, foster new ideas, utilize gamification, and provide valuable mentoring and coaching.

    Rajeev Chandrasekharan holds a Master’s degree in Information Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation from the National Institute of Technology Rourkela. His dedication to excellence, strategic vision, and commitment to fostering innovation make him a distinguished leader in the business and technology landscape.

    Character: Rajeev Chandrasekharan is a dynamic and authentic leader with a passion for fostering innovation, collaboration, and fun while empowering solution-oriented teams dedicated to exceeding client expectations.

    Knowledge: With over 20 years of leadership experience, Rajeev possesses extensive expertise in business and technology transformation, digital innovation, product development, and customer engagement across various industries.

    Strategic: Rajeev’s strategic acumen is evident in his ability to navigate complex organizations, enact transformations, and drive value, leading to substantial revenue growth and successful culture transformations.

    Communication: As a requested speaker, contributor at industry conferences, and author of multiple articles and videos, Rajeev effectively communicates his insights and innovative ideas to diverse audiences.


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