Peter Fernandez: Driving Innovation and Growth as a Visionary CEO and Technology Expert

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    Peter Fernandez is an accomplished and visionary Chief Executive Officer with an extensive background in management, technology, and consulting. Peter has consistently shown his ability to lead complex operations, drive business turnarounds, and spearhead new market entries throughout a career filled with remarkable accomplishments and creative strategies.

    Currently at the helm of Thoroughbred Software International, Inc., Peter leverages his diverse expertise to provide effective corporate governance and represent fiduciary interests on the board. His role extends to building and maintaining crucial relationships with stakeholders, leading the executive team, and fostering a positive and productive work culture. In this capacity, Peter’s strategic vision and leadership have significantly contributed to the organization’s growth and success.

    Peter’s areas of expertise are as diverse as they are impressive. His skill set spans turnarounds, CEO responsibilities, finance, technology integration, data management, team leadership, government relations, and navigating cultural differences. This comprehensive skill set reflects his ability to manage complex challenges and drive strategic initiatives that bring about positive change.

    Before his current role, Peter held the position of CEO-Consultant, where he demonstrated his capability to provide strategic guidance and consulting services that align technology with business objectives. His leadership during this period was instrumental in achieving significant milestones for his clients.

    Furthermore, his experience as an Information Architectural Consultant for Special Projects at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) showcased his prowess in IT governance, legacy systems, information security, and cloud development. Peter’s expertise in these areas contributed to the enhancement of technological capabilities for a range of organizations.

    As the Chief Executive Officer of Omni Cyber Computers (OCC), Peter exhibited strong leadership and technical skills by leading the development and deployment of various critical services. Under his guidance, OCC achieved milestones such as cyber breach prevention, HIPAA compliance, and the deployment of web applications in the IoT domain.

    Peter’s experience also extends to his role as Chief Technology Officer at the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas, where he turned around a failing IT infrastructure and improved overall efficiency. He provided invaluable IT consulting services, facilitated compliance with regulatory standards, and played a crucial role in the development of strategic technological plans.

    In addition, his role as VP of Technology at DT Unlimited showcased his entrepreneurial spirit as he successfully developed and launched a regional Internet Service Provider. His strategic equipment selections, billing and control account software implementation, and focus on customer development contributed to the remarkable revenue increase achieved during his tenure.

    Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Computer Science, and Spanish Literature from Stephen F. Austin State University. He has also been recognized for his contributions and leadership through honors such as the Paul Harris Fellow awarded by Rotary International and membership in the National Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society.

    With a passion for innovation, a proven track record of successful leadership, and a diverse skill set, Peter Fernandez continues to make a lasting impact in the realms of technology, business, and beyond.

    Character: Peter Fernandez is an accomplished CEO with a history of visionary leadership, a passion for innovation, and a strong track record of driving turnarounds and fostering positive work cultures.

    Knowledge: With extensive experience in management, technology, and consulting, Peter’s expertise spans IT governance, legacy systems, cybersecurity, cloud development, and more.

    Strategic: Peter’s strategic prowess is evident in his ability to lead complex operations, drive business turnarounds, and develop innovative technological plans to achieve business objectives.

    Communication: Adept at building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, Peter’s strong communication skills enable effective external representation and internal collaboration, driving growth and success in his leadership roles.


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