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    John Kenny Adeya is a professional Ugandan journalist who majors in authorship and Youtube content creation. He is the proprietor of Kampala Edge Times magazine, which is available as a website and Youtube channel globally and centers around positivity and the spread of knowledge. Kampala Edge Times was founded in 2018 as a regular free WordPress website where the young lad wrote about inspirational topics and trends. In 2020, John Kenny won 1000 USD from the US Alliance To End Corporal Punishment when he made a video depicting the vice. He won 1400 USD in 2021 when he produced a similar video again and then moved to Kampala to pursue building the brand.
    Early Childhood
    John Kenny was born on 6th November 1999 to his mother Nakku Robinah and Dad Ochieng Hannington, but unfortunately, the former passed away in 2004. This meant that John would grow up without a mother figure, but under Compassion International which funded his school fees and groomed his character. He faced a lot of challenges but waded through the race by God’s grace and the support of his father and aunties.
    John Kenny Adeya’s educational journey started in Uganda, where he attended St. Henry’s Educational Centre in Jinja from 2005 to 2009, followed by Rock View School in Tororo in 2010 and 2011. From 2012 to 2017, he went to high school at Rock High School in Tororo. There, he became interested in journalism and communication.
    After completing high school, John pursued further studies at the YMCA Comprehensive Institute, where he earned a Diploma in Journalism Mass Communication from 2018 to 2020. During his studies, he gained valuable skills in storytelling, news writing, video production, and broadcasting.

    In 2020, John had the opportunity to apply his newfound skills during an internship at Grapevine News Tabloid in Kampala, where he worked as a writer. Here, he honed his craft and gained valuable experience in the field of journalism.

    John’s education has been a big part of his career success because it gave him the skills and knowledge he needed to do well in his field. His passion for learning and dedication to his craft is evident in his work and accomplishments.

    John Kenny Adeya’s career journey is one marked by diversity and ambition. In 2020, he began his professional journey as an Insurance Agent at Prudential Insurance, Kampala, Uganda. Here, John was able to gain valuable experience in sales and client relations, as well as an understanding of the insurance industry.
    In 2021, John took on a new role as a writer for MTN Pulse, Kampala, Uganda. He utilized his journalistic skills to provide engaging content for the publication and shared his expertise in the field of technology and entrepreneurship.

    John started his own newspaper, Kampala Edge Times, the following year. He is the editor-in-chief and a writer for the paper. This has allowed him to showcase his passion for journalism and storytelling, while also providing a platform for other creatives to share their voices.

    In addition to his work with Kampala Edge Times, John is also a writer for Ug Tech Mag. Because of his knowledge in the field of technology, he was able to share his ideas and help the publication.

    Most recently, John has taken on a new challenge as the Client Relations Manager at Positive Emotions Fitness and Spa. Here, he is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients, and ensuring their satisfaction with the services provided.

    John Kenny Adeya has shown that he is flexible, passionate, and committed to using his skills to help people throughout his career.

    John Kenny Adeya is affiliated with several prominent organizations in Uganda. He is an important part of the magazine Kampala Edge Times, which has a website and a YouTube channel. With his journalistic skills, John provides insightful commentary and thought-provoking content to the publication.

    In addition, John is a member of the MTN Pulse Uganda community, which supports young creatives and entrepreneurs in Uganda. Through this group, John is able to meet other people who share his interests and add to Uganda’s thriving creative scene.

    John is also affiliated with Ug Tech Mag, a leading technology publication in Uganda. He shares his expertise in the field of technology and keeps readers up to date with the latest advancements in the industry.

    John is also connected to Bryan Morel Publications and PR Services, which helps businesses and people with their public relations and marketing. John is a good communicator, so he can help clients come up with powerful messages and run successful campaigns.

    Through these connections, John Kenny Adeya is able to use his skills to help different organizations in Uganda grow and do well.

    He pursued this passion early on and became the official high school news anchor after winning the elections in 2017.

    Following his graduation from high school, John continued his studies and earned a Diploma in Journalism Mass Communication in 2020. He used this chance to get better at telling stories and to sharpen his journalistic voice.

    In the same year, John entered the US Alliance Social media contest with a video against corporal punishment. His hard work and dedication paid off when he was awarded the 3rd Best Video award. This recognition only fueled his passion and drive to create meaningful content.

    In 2021, John returned to the same contest, determined to make an even greater impact. His dedication and talent shone through, and he was awarded both the 1st Best Video award and the People’s Choice Video award for his powerful video against corporal punishment.

    These awards are a testament to John Kenny Adeya’s commitment to using his voice to make a positive impact in the world. His dedication to journalism and making a difference is an inspiration to many.

    We extend a warm welcome to John Kenny Adeya as the newest addition to Leadafi Councils. We are excited to receive your valuable input, knowledge, and articles that will benefit and enrich our community. We are looking forward to collaborating with you to achieve our shared goals and contribute to the growth and success of our organization.



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