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    Dr. Kevin John is obsessed with helping leaders bury their perceived limitations to rise to their
    new WOW in unimaginable ways. Dr. John is a Leadership and Development Coach and founder
    and CEO of Inzone Coaching and Consulting. He has spent over 25 years in the corporate sector
    and in traditional and for-profit higher education environments in various leadership capacities.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Human Development, and a Doctorate in Higher and Postsecondary Education. Dr. John also holds a Professional Coaching Certification from the International Coach Academy in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    Dr. John’s research on high-pressure environments, educational leadership practices, dysfunctional organizations, human capacity, and positive psychology has empowered him with a multifaceted approach to training, coaching, developing, and strategic intervention.

    In recognizing the continuous commonalities in structural, situational, and operational challenges experienced by small business leaders and entrepreneurs, Dr. John formed Inzone to exist as a transformative bridge to help ease these challenges. Through Inzone, he has provided critical services to organizations of various sizes in the areas of strategic planning, program  development, training, retention, conflict resolution, and diversity and inclusion.

    As a coach, writer, and speaker, Dr. John also lives out his passion for helping individual leaders and teams build sustainable pathways aimed at combating fear, stress, doubt, and anxiety in high-pressure environments. The core of his messages emphasizes leading effectively, engaging intentionally, and developing purposefully, to establish high-level goal attainment, objective satisfaction, and lasting imprints. Through various leadership groups, seminars, courses, workshops, and retreats, Dr. John is committed to helping youth, coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all types to unleash their God-given, legacy-driven potential.

    Dr. Kevin John is warmly welcomed as the latest addition to Leadafi Councils. We’re thrilled to have your valuable ideas, knowledge, and articles that will make our community stronger and better. Our group is excited to work with you to reach our shared goals and make a contribution to our growth and success.


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