Bo Cherry, CEO of BCi Drywall and Finishes

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    Bo Cherry is a seasoned CEO with 17 years of extensive experience in the commercial construction industry. Under his leadership, BCi Drywall and Finishes has become a renowned leader in the sector, specializing in a wide array of services including Cold-Formed Metal Framing (CFMF), sheathing, facades, insulation, gypsum board, finishes, doors and hardware, acoustical ceilings, specialty ceilings, acoustics, and fire ratings.

    Since founding BCi Drywall and Finishes in July 2013, Bo has driven the company to achieve over $50 million in sales, showcasing his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. His expertise encompasses consulting, project management, sales, estimating, strategic planning, corporate governance, and financial acumen. BCi’s diverse project portfolio includes industrial developments, office tenant improvements, retail and commercial remodeling, government contracts, and airport developments and remodels.

    In 2019, Bo Cherry earned the distinction of being the youngest nominee for a CISCA award for the Jordan Ranch High Auditorium project. This recognition underscores BCi’s ability to foster outstanding talent and deliver exceptional project outcomes. Further solidifying its influential presence, BCi was chosen to represent CertainTeed, one of the largest commercial supply companies in the United States, highlighting the company’s leadership and innovation in the construction sector.

    Bo is an active member of C12, a leading Christian CEO and business owner peer advisory group that blends professional growth with spiritual development. His skills include strategic planning, financial management, project oversight, leadership, risk management, industry knowledge, negotiation, communication, technology proficiency, client relationship management, regulatory compliance, innovation, quality control, crisis management, and business development.

    Under Bo’s visionary leadership, BCi Drywall and Finishes continues to set benchmarks for excellence in the construction industry, driven by a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

    Character: Bo Cherry is a dedicated and visionary leader, exemplifying commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the commercial construction industry.

    Knowledge: Bo possesses extensive expertise in various aspects of construction, including CFMF, sheathing, facades, insulation, and more, honed over 17 years of industry experience.

    Strategic: Bo’s strategic planning and leadership have driven BCi Drywall and Finishes to achieve over $50 million in sales and secure significant industry recognitions.

    Communication: Bo effectively communicates with diverse stakeholders, fostering strong relationships and ensuring transparent, collaborative project management.


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