Why Business Fundamentals aren’t Enough: The Bridge of Authentic Relationship 

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    In my years of building and growing a healthcare professional services firm, there is no substitute for strong business fundamentals. I was fortunate to be able to gain financial expertise within a few top Fortune 50 companies and then add a wide range of operational skills that were needed to build and grow a successful firm.  Whether it is tracking clients, company profitability, staff utilization and development, efficient use of technology or other core functions, they all matter. 

    However, one underpinning of success that is often underestimated – is authenticity. Building connections both internally and externally without the typical masks we often rely on in business, has made a profound impact on how we reach our business goals.  

    I had the privilege of learning how to do this more skillfully from the online Xchange program by John Berghoff, who drew inspiration from Meg Wheatley’s groundbreaking work. At the core of this approach lies the framework of the 3 C’s: intellectual capital, communal capital, and social capital. These elements serve as the pillars to unlock value within organizations.  

    Recognizing the evolving landscape of our world with increased chaos, uncertainty, and market fluctuations, there is a necessity to amplify our connections, foster valuable collaborations, and innovate in our approach to value creation. The 3 C’s framework empowers us to engage with our team, clients, and vendors, creating a symbiotic exchange where everyone benefits.  

    A pivotal aspect of this model is the cultivation of a shared vision and purpose. In healthcare, this is inherent, as our shared commitment to helping patients underscores every aspect of our work. We find that our clients and vendors align with this purpose, fostering a deeper connection.  

    We also emphasize the importance of active listening, encouraging new questions that bring forth fresh insights, and embracing a holistic perspective on how we function as a collective system rather than isolated entities.  

    Establishing psychological safety within our organization allows for a broader range of viewpoints, enriching the collaborative experience for everyone involved. How we do this is a learned skill from both how we internalize our roles as well as our external actions with others in all types of settings.  

    Recognizing that an organization is only as strong as its last interaction, we focus on an iterative process of repairing and enhancing relationships. This involves continually aligning our processes with shared values, fostering community, and exploring how to contribute to social value.  

    In essence, our commitment to building genuine connections is not just a strategic initiative, but a cultural shift that positively influences our team dynamics, client relationships, and overall business resilience.  

    It opens the door to new possibilities so we can collectively thrive in this interconnected business environment.   

    Laura Smith Biswas 

    Co-Founder and Managing Principal 

    Cadence Communications & Research 


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    Laura Smith Biswas
    Laura Smith Biswas
    Laura Smith Biswas is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background spanning finance, healthcare communications, and market research. As the Co-Founder & Managing Principal of Cadence Communications & Research, Laura has been instrumental in steering the company’s growth and success for over a decade. Her leadership extends across three divisions and a subsidiary, Velocity Scientific Communications, providing strong oversight and operational guidance to a global clientele. Laura's strategic vision and hands-on approach have maintained profitability and cash flow amidst various challenges, earning Cadence multiple recognitions on the prestigious INC 500/5000 list. Her responsibilities at Cadence include serving as a de facto CFO, overseeing treasury, financial control, planning, and analysis, as well as driving initiatives in human resources to promote a positive company culture and diversity. Laura’s expertise extends into compliance, IT, and privacy and security measures, guiding Cadence through complex regulatory landscapes and reinforcing its reputation in the healthcare industry. Her leadership has been particularly pivotal during crises, such as the recent global pandemic, sustaining operations and client relationships. Prior to Cadence, Laura was an Independent Consultant and held significant roles at Amgen, Inc., where she honed her skills in investor relations and strategic planning. Laura holds an MBA from Yale University, a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Community Health Education from Utah State University. Beyond her professional pursuits, Laura is passionate about yoga, cycling, and hiking, and is an advocate for conscious capitalism and entrepreneurship. As a thought leader, she inspires others to embrace holistic approaches to business and societal impact. Laura Smith Biswas exemplifies integrity, resilience, and adaptability, fostering a culture of trust and excellence in her professional endeavors. Her wealth of expertise in strategic planning and operational excellence, combined with her effective communication skills, positions her as a key driver of organizational growth and alignment with global pharmaceutical industry requirements.