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    When working with clients to determine what is holding back revenue growth, it ultimately comes down the sales process. The owner will ask: “Do we have a defined, sustainable sales process for success”?  “What are the necessary changes for success”?

    Some things to consider:

    • Have a clear definition of “good business”. Who is your ideal customer, and why? Knowing what determines an ideal customer enables the sales people to focus on ideal prospects that fit company priorities. Focus your time, energy and resources!
    • Look at your top 25 customers. What are the common aspects of each that make them good customers. Use that information to define good business. Note: you will also uncover “bad” business!!
    • Qualify your prospects. Make sure they fit the definition of good business. It’s easy to waste time on unqualified prospects that do not not fit the company priorities, but this is not productive use of time. Simplify and focus on good business, and qualified prospects.
    • Know your competition! This is often overlooked. You know the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Also know the same for the companies you compete against. It is likely your customer and/or prospect is doing the same!
    • Setting up face-face meetings with prospects can be a challenge.  More than ever, successful sales producers (hunters), are focusing on introductions and warm leads. A defined referral source network will be useful to getting quality meetings more quickly, instead of relying on cold calling alone.
    • Business Development should be a company-wide focus. Who else can get involved to assist the sales team, and sales effort? You may be pleasantly surprised!!

    In summary, a successful sales process should fit your company priorities, focus on good business, and also fit individual strengths. Develop a process that works and stick to it. This is not rocket science, so don’t overthink it!!

    As I learned early in my career: “Discuss Solutions, Not Problems!!”



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    Mark Bishop
    Mark Bishop
    Mark Bishop stands out as an accomplished professional with over a decade of experience in optimizing the productivity and performance of small to medium-sized businesses across diverse industries. Through his expertise in interim sales management, coaching, process improvement, sales planning, and CRM proficiency, Mark effectively propels growth and revenue generation. Noteworthy is his hands-on approach, collaborating closely with sales teams to implement innovative strategies and nurture transparent communication channels. His industry knowledge spans manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and service sectors, consistently delivering remarkable outcomes by reducing turnover, cutting training costs, and amplifying productivity and profitability. Mark's illustrious career includes pivotal roles such as President of Marbish Enterprises, Inc., where he spearheaded sales strategy and solutions tailored to meet specific business objectives. Notable achievements include orchestrating Lego Toy's first national listing with 800 Walmart stores in 1983, laying the foundation for a substantial customer relationship. Additionally, his tenure at BHM Laboratories showcased his commitment to providing relief for cancer patients undergoing treatments through innovative oral care products. Mark's academic background in Psychology and Sociology from Hamline University, coupled with his leadership roles in varsity basketball, underpin his dedication and multifaceted skill set, further enhancing his contributions to organizational growth and success. Mark's unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge, strategic prowess, and adept communication skills underscore his invaluable impact as a dedicated sales leader committed to driving business excellence and growth.