The Nonprofit Board Experience: A Springboard to Board Membership in the Private and Public Sectors

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    Joining a board of directors is a significant milestone in one’s professional journey. While many aspire to become independent board members or advisors in private or public companies, gaining relevant experience and exposure is crucial. One effective path to prepare for such roles is by serving on the board of a nonprofit organization. In this article, we will explore the benefits of joining a nonprofit board and how this experience can pave the way for a successful transition to board membership in the private or public sectors as an independent board member or board advisor.

    1. Building Boardroom Competencies:

    Serving on a nonprofit board offers a valuable opportunity to develop and hone essential boardroom competencies. It provides firsthand experience in governance, strategic decision-making, financial oversight, and accountability. Nonprofit boards often face similar challenges as their counterparts in private and public companies, such as developing strategic plans, managing risk, and ensuring compliance. By actively participating in nonprofit board activities, aspiring board members can gain practical skills and insights that are directly transferable to the private and public sectors.

    1. Expanding Network and Building Relationships:

    Joining a nonprofit board allows individuals to connect and build relationships with other board members who often come from diverse professional backgrounds. These connections can provide access to a wide network of influential professionals who may serve as future references or introductions to opportunities in the private or public sectors. Nonprofit boards often attract individuals with expertise and experience in various industries, creating opportunities for valuable networking and mentorship.

    1. Demonstrating Commitment to Service and Governance:

    Serving on a nonprofit board demonstrates a commitment to community service and governance, which are highly regarded qualities in the private and public sectors. Board members gain exposure to the importance of corporate social responsibility, ethics, and mission-driven decision-making. This experience showcases a candidate’s dedication to serving the greater good and their ability to navigate complex board dynamics. Demonstrating a track record of effective board service in the nonprofit sector can significantly enhance one’s credibility and desirability as an independent board member or board advisor in private or public companies.

    1. Developing a Board Portfolio and Reputation:

    By serving on a nonprofit board, individuals can build a board portfolio that showcases their experience and contributions. This portfolio becomes a powerful tool for future board opportunities. It demonstrates a candidate’s boardroom expertise, accomplishments, and alignment with governance best practices. Nonprofit board service adds depth and breadth to a board member’s profile, enhancing their reputation and positioning them as a qualified and experienced candidate for independent board positions.

    Joining a nonprofit board can be a transformative experience that sets the stage for a successful journey as an independent board member or board advisor in the private or public sectors. It provides a platform to develop boardroom competencies, build valuable relationships, demonstrate commitment to governance, and create a compelling board portfolio. Aspiring board members can leverage the nonprofit board experience to acquire the skills, exposure, and connections necessary to transition seamlessly into board positions in private or public companies. By recognizing the immense value of nonprofit board service, individuals can embark on a fulfilling and rewarding board member journey that opens doors to new opportunities and impactful contributions.


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    Martin Rowinski, Boardsi CEO
    Martin Rowinski, Boardsi CEO
    Martin Rowinski is a global technology pioneer, executive recruitment expert, and international speaker with 25 years of c-level experience. He is the co-founder and CEO of Boardsi, a SAAS-based executive recruitment firm. Rowinski created and spearheaded their proprietary software that allows companies to effortlessly search for the most qualified Boards of Directors and Boards of Advisors from a pool of thousands of top executives across the U.S. and internationally. This software also allows executives to find board positions in highly sought-after companies in a simple, easy, and streamlined process. Boardsi specializes in helping companies build executive boards quicker, easier, and more efficiently in order to achieve exponential growth. Boardsi has also been an industry leader in curating a national private network for c-level executives. Rowinski is the author of the highly-acclaimed book, The Corporate Matchmaker, and has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, FastCompany, NASDAQ, Bloomberg, CEO Today and The Marquis Who's Who (2022 - 2023).