William Houlin: Driving Business Transformation with Seasoned Leadership

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    William Houlin is a highly accomplished executive known for his exceptional track record in revitalizing struggling businesses and steering them towards remarkable growth. With a career defined by operational expertise, diverse industry acumen, and effective team building, he consistently formulates strategies that enhance revenue, streamline costs, and boost productivity. As a skilled business developer, he fosters crucial client relationships and secures significant contracts with industry giants. William’s ability to efficiently manage cross-functional teams across international borders further underscores his leadership prowess.

    William currently leads WH Consulting, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen. His role here involves crafting innovative strategies for business success. During his tenure as Senior Vice President of International Sales at KTTAPE, William contributed to the company’s growth and expansion, bringing major impact by developing the markets in China, Japan and the UK.

    His role as Vice President-Latin America & Iberica at KTTAPE further solidified his reputation as a capable leader. When COO of Sundance Hardware LLC, he played a pivotal role in establishing the business in both the retail and manufacturing sectors. As President & CEO of Briggs Industries, William led operations across North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. His consultancy, H&L International Consulting, provided invaluable guidance to Latin American clients entering the U.S. market. At PRG-Schultz, as President & General Manager Latin America, he managed a staff of 400 and oversaw significant expansion.

    While he was the Divisional Vice President at Polaroid Corporation, William directed Latin American and export operations. He also managed operations in Spain as General Manager at Black & Decker Corporation, where he was the General Manager for Argentina and Colombia. This experience gave him a deep knowledge of Latin American and International Business. Throughout his career, William’s strategic planning, sales and marketing skills, and financial acumen have been instrumental in his success.

    William holds a Master of Business Administration in International Business from The George Washington University. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah, earning a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in History. His educational background also includes a Certificate in International Relations from the University of Utah.

    William is endorsed for a wide range of skills, including strategy, cross-functional team leadership, P&L management, forecasting, CRM, business development, leadership, and many others. These skills reflect his multifaceted expertise and adaptability in the business landscape.

    Character: William Houlin is a resilient and adaptable entrepreneur with a strong track record of business transformation.

    Knowledge: With an MBA in International Business and extensive industry experience, William possesses a wealth of knowledge to make informed decisions.

    Strategic: William excels in developing innovative strategies that boost revenue, control costs, and enhance productivity.

    Communication: He effectively builds and manages client relationships, negotiates key contracts, and leads international teams with precision through his exceptional communication skills.


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