William B. Buckman: A Seasoned Business Consultant and Leader

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    With over 35 years of experience in Business and Management Consulting, William B. Buckman stands as a distinguished figure specializing in empowering small to medium businesses across King, Snohomish, and Skagit Counties. As the President and CEO of The Buckman Consulting Group, Inc., he has been at the helm since August 2007, leading the company with a commitment to excellence and strategic foresight.

    Under William’s leadership, The Buckman Consulting Group excels in “Business Forensics,” a method aimed at helping businesses succeed and overcome current challenges. His business motto, “Success is never an Accident. It is Always the Result of an Intelligent and Planned Effort,” reflects his dedication to thoughtful and intentional business strategies.

    Educationally, William holds a BSEE in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, showcasing his solid foundation in the field. Endorsed by industry experts like Curt Maier MBA, CMAI, CFB, William’s skills span various areas, including Business Strategy, Planning, Organizational Development, and Leadership.

    With 35 endorsements in Business Management, 24 in Strategy, and 20 in Start-ups, William demonstrates his extensive expertise. His proficiency in Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, and Mergers & Acquisitions is underscored by 27, 2, and 2 endorsements, respectively. William’s broad skill set encompasses areas such as Marketing Strategy, Team Building, Consulting, and Customer Service, emphasizing his ability to navigate diverse business challenges.

    As a seasoned professional endorsed by industry leaders, William B. Buckman continues to make a significant impact through his strategic consulting, fostering the growth and success of businesses in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

    Character: William B. Buckman is a seasoned business consultant known for his commitment to excellence, integrity, and his belief that success is a result of intelligent and planned efforts.

    Knowledge: With over 35 years of experience and a BSEE in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, William possesses a solid foundation, demonstrating expertise in various areas of business management and consulting.

    Strategic: As the President and CEO of The Buckman Consulting Group, Inc., William leads with a strategic vision, specializing in “Business Forensics” to help businesses succeed and overcome challenges through thoughtful planning.

    Communication: Endorsed by industry experts, including Curt Maier MBA, CMAI, CFB, William showcases strong communication skills, evident in his extensive endorsements across diverse business areas, emphasizing his ability to navigate and address various business challenges effectively.


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