Vishal Kapoor: Pioneering Enterprise Technology Executive and Strategic Leader

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    Vishal Kapoor, a distinguished figure in enterprise technology, boasts over three decades of experience spearheading product launches, driving high-growth market strategies, and nurturing innovative businesses within large corporations. With a profound background spanning various domains, including healthcare, education, compliant blockchain, and enterprise software, Kapoor has played a pivotal role in shaping transformative technologies and business models.

    As the Chief Operating Officer at Chia Network, Kapoor is instrumental in shaping the future of blockchain technology, leading the company’s operations and entry into new markets. Notably, under his leadership, Chia Network secured The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation as pioneering customers, marking a significant milestone in the adoption of blockchain technology.

    In his role as Partner at Three-Legged Stool, Kapoor has been instrumental in developing software solutions that streamline manual processes in education, healthcare, and the workforce sectors. His innovative platforms, such as MyShot and fulfill-X, have revolutionized supply chain management and healthcare analytics, showcasing his commitment to social impact and technological innovation.

    Kapoor’s multifaceted career includes serving as Chief Executive Officer at Paradata, where he successfully pivoted the company’s product and go-to-market strategy to deliver a machine learning-based RPA engine for supply chain data analysis. Additionally, his tenure as Chief Business Officer at Bastion Biologics saw him promote groundbreaking cancer treatment technologies, further highlighting his dedication to advancing healthcare solutions.

    With a rich history of executive leadership roles at prominent companies like Cadence Design Systems and Silicon Access Networks, Kapoor brings a wealth of experience in marketing, product management, and strategic alliances to the table. He started his career working on the discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle at the Department of Energy. His contributions have been recognized through various board directorships, advisory roles, and memberships in prestigious organizations, including The Wilson Center Global Advisory Council and Circular Drive Initiative.

    Kapoor’s academic journey includes a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he specialized in advanced computer architecture and artificial intelligence. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Hardware from the University of Mumbai, India, laying the foundation for his illustrious career in technology and innovation.

    Character: Vishal Kapoor demonstrates integrity, resilience, and a commitment to ethical leadership throughout his career, earning the trust and respect of colleagues and stakeholders alike.

    Knowledge: With a comprehensive understanding of enterprise technology, strategic planning, and market dynamics, Kapoor leverages his expertise to drive innovation and achieve business success.

    Strategic: Kapoor excels in formulating and executing high-impact strategies, whether in incubating new businesses, forging strategic partnerships, or pioneering transformative technologies.


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