Troy Rosser: Architect of Healthcare Technology Transformation

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    Troy Rosser, a distinguished executive boasting over 38 years of expertise, revolutionized the intersection of healthcare and technology throughout his tenure. As the recently retired Senior Vice President of Global Sales at CPSI, Troy left an enduring legacy of transformative leadership, showcased by his strategic acumen, extensive industry knowledge, and unwavering integrity.

    Troy’s professional journey spans multiple domains—Healthcare,   and Technology just to name a couple—illustrating his versatile industry insight. Notably, his role as the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at CPSI, for 18 years until December 2022, solidified his strategic vision, orchestrating team growth after multiple acquisitions and steering organizational evolution leading CPSI’s global growth across all subsidiaries. 

    His global influence extends beyond borders, engaging with hospital boards across Canada, USA and the Caribbean, reflecting a broadened perspective in advancing healthcare technology worldwide. Troy’s academic foundation in Healthcare Administration from Auburn University paired with his multiple years of experience at a large tertiary medical center laid the groundwork for his distinguished career marked by innovation, M&A experience and strategic prowess.

    Beyond the boardroom, Troy finds solace spending time with his family in outdoor pursuits like boating,  golf, hunting, and fishing, showcasing his well-rounded nature. His past involvement in a Development Board within the Honors College underscores his commitment to educational institutions, particularly Auburn University.

    Embodying the golden rule in both personal and professional endeavors, Troy’s character radiates hard work, integrity and respect. As he embarks on retirement, Troy actively seeks board roles, eager to contribute his wealth of knowledge and successful experience and shape the strategic direction of organizations.

    In summary, Troy Rosser’s legacy signifies achievement, innovation, and a profound impact on global healthcare technology. His retirement not only concludes an illustrious career but also marks a new chapter, leaving an enduring imprint on the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare and technology.

    Character: Troy’s character epitomizes respect, fairness, and integrity, grounded in the golden rule, demonstrating an approachable and well-rounded nature that extends to all relationships—professional and personal.

    Knowledge: Armed with a Healthcare Administration degree from Auburn University, Troy’s career reflects extensive expertise in healthcare and technology. His prolonged tenure, especially at CPSI, showcases deep industry understanding and navigation.

    Strategic Acumen: Troy’s forward-thinking and adaptive strategies drove team growth and organizational transformation, notably seen during his leadership at CPSI. His success underscores his ability to formulate and execute effective strategies in the evolving healthcare technology sector.

    Communication: Troy’s communication style embodies clarity, precision, and effectiveness. His experiences presenting to diverse audiences, including hospital boards and C-level executives, demonstrate not only industry fluency but also the capability to convey complex ideas adeptly.


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