Tracy Lucas, MBA: Pioneering Global Strategic Leadership in the Automotive Industry

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    Tracy Lucas, MBA, is a seasoned executive with a distinguished career marked by leadership excellence and strategic vision. Based in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, Tracy possesses a comprehensive skill set that spans organizational leadership, quality management systems, and operational excellence in high-volume manufacturing environments.

    Tracy holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, complemented by a Master of Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Communication Technology from Eastern Michigan University. His commitment to professional development is evident through certifications as a Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, and completion of Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence.

    With a remarkable career at General Motors (GM) spanning over three decades until his retirement in December 2018, Tracy navigated various roles, showcasing his versatility and dedication. Notably, he served as Manager of Brand Quality Engines and Manager of Global Aftersales Powertrain Engineering, earning recognition for innovations and accomplishments throughout his 33-year tenure.

    At GM, Tracy consistently demonstrated strategic leadership, directing day-to-day operations, ensuring growth and profitability, and addressing systemic quality issues. His expertise in service issue management, escalation, and resolution was pivotal in enhancing customer satisfaction. Tracy’s influence extended globally, contributing to GM’s remanufacturing processes in China, Europe, and Australia.

    Tracy’s notable achievements include spearheading GM’s Engine Warranty Reduction initiative, targeting a $300M savings by 2020, with a current trajectory to surpass $90M. He led multiple OpEx projects resulting in substantial cost reduction and avoidance. Tracy’s initiatives in remanufacturing processes significantly reduced warehouse expenses by $42M.

    Recognized for his impact, Tracy consistently exceeded annual contribution targets, delivered substantial product line growth, and launched innovative engines. His strategic foresight, coupled with a proactive approach to problem-solving, drove results in key performance indicators such as safety, quality, cost, and on-time program launches.

    Post-retirement, Tracy continued his leadership journey, contributing to the Wayne County Airport Authority’s safety management system and business process improvements. Engaging in consultancy at MI – GSO / PCUBED Consultancy in Ann Arbor further highlighted his commitment to driving organizational change and continuous improvement.

    Tracy Lucas, MBA, stands as an exemplary global strategic leader with a rich history of transformative achievements, embodying excellence in every facet of his professional journey. His commitment to continuous improvement, innovative problem-solving, and collaborative leadership sets him apart as a distinguished executive in the automotive industry.

    Character: Tracy Lucas, MBA, is a seasoned executive with a distinguished 33-year career marked by leadership excellence, versatility, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

    Knowledge: Tracy possesses a comprehensive skill set, including an Executive MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, certifications as a Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt, and expertise in organizational leadership, quality management systems, and operational excellence in high-volume manufacturing environments.

    Strategic: Tracy has a proven track record of strategic leadership at General Motors, directing day-to-day operations, spearheading initiatives like GM’s Engine Warranty Reduction, and consistently exceeding annual contribution targets while driving growth and profitability.

    Communication: Tracy’s communication skills shine through in his ability to lead cross-functional teams, address systemic quality issues, and contribute globally to GM’s remanufacturing processes, demonstrating a proactive approach to problem-solving and fostering collaborative leadership.


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