Tom Struttmann Pioneering Innovation in Mining Operations Strategy

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    Tom Struttmann, the CEO of Struttmann Consulting, is a distinguished leader in the mining industry, renowned for his exceptional contributions in addressing complex management challenges. With a global presence, Struttmann Consulting offers complex operational and technical evaluations for mining contractors, mining companies, and financial institutions, guiding them toward unparalleled success.

    Tom’s expertise spans decades, marked by his remarkable work with Fortune 500 giants like Caterpillar, Citibank, ArcelorMittal, Freeport-McMoRan, Anglo American, Newmont, Barrick, Evolution Mining, Detour Gold, Shell plc, Indika Energy, EMIRSA, BNP Paribas, Petrosea, Newcrest, Metals Acquisition Corp, JC Flowers, and Elliott Advisors. Tom spent 20+ years of his notable career at Caterpillar, where he began in sales and was regularly promoted to positions of increased responsibility, ultimately managing a $2B revenue stream at C-level and global operating units for CAT and its largest strategic account. His multifaceted experience encompasses M&A due diligence, asset management, capital planning, supply chain, technology, merger integration, alliance development, and financial optimization.

    At Struttmann Consulting, Tom focuses on tailoring solutions to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that the right resources are allocated for achieving world-class results. Tom created and delivered the industry’s first enterprise cloud-based forecasting and analytics platform, secured strategic funding to scale and grow the business, and recently deployed an enterprise platform to help mining firms forecast and measure GHG emissions. His dedication to maximizing profitability and efficiency has earned him recognition as an industry luminary.

    Beyond his role at Struttmann Consulting, Tom continues to showcase his exceptional skills in the mining sector as the Group Executive Mining at Riivos, a technology company that gives mining firms the power to increase financial performance across the complete value chain of the world’s most complex mining operations.

    Tom’s academic foundation includes a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He actively participates in professional development programs. For the past six years, Tom has served as Chairman of the Industry Advisory Council for Mining Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, the #1 ranked Mining Engineering School in the world.

    His expertise is endorsed by numerous colleagues and peers across various domains, attesting to his exceptional capabilities in areas such as mergers, mining, forecasting, due diligence, strategy development, operations management, among others. Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, aiding in the growth and success of numerous organizations. Tom Struttmann’s profound impact on the mining industry continues to drive innovation and improved operating performance.

    Character: Tom is a highly respected leader known for his integrity and dedication to excellence in the mining industry, demonstrated through decades of delivering exceptional results.

    Knowledge: Tom possesses a deep and diverse knowledge base and expertise that has been instrumental in guiding top Fortune 500 companies to success.

    Strategic: Tom’s strategic acumen shines through in his ability to tailor solutions to clients’ unique needs, maximizing profitability and fostering efficiency across mining operations.

    Communication: Tom effectively communicates complex ideas and strategies, both verbally and in writing, enabling him to collaborate seamlessly with stakeholder, clients, and industry peers.


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