Tom Schledwitz: Visionary Leader in the Oil & Gas Industry

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    Tom Schledwitz, a prominent figure in the oil and gas sector, serves as the CEO & Chairman of the Board at Exciter Energy Services, Inc. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Schledwitz has amassed a reputation as a true powerhouse in the industry. His remarkable journey from a Roughneck to a President showcases his unparalleled understanding of the sector, enabling him to lead and drive organizational success with exceptional finesse.

    Schledwitz embarked on his oil and gas odyssey as a Roughneck, diving headfirst into the industry with a determination that would later become his hallmark. His ascent through the ranks was meteoric, transitioning from driller to tool pusher, drilling manager, and finally to Vice President at Exeter Drilling Company over a span of 20 years. This comprehensive journey afforded him an unmatched perspective, nurturing his ability to build a resilient operation from its fledgling stages to maturity.

    In 1996, Schledwitz embarked on a new chapter, assuming the role of Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations at Ensign U.S. Drilling Inc. Over the course of 18 years, he revolutionized the company’s landscape. He successfully grew the U.S. presence from a mere 4 rigs to an impressive 115 rigs across 14 states. His leadership extended beyond just expansion, with his visionary approach leading to the diversification of revenue streams. Schledwitz introduced innovative service offerings such as well service rigs, directional drilling, trucking services, and rental equipment, driving substantial revenue growth and elevating the organization’s industry presence.

    Schledwitz is a trailblazer renowned for introducing revolutionary industry practices. His promotion of IADC electronic tour sheets to the U.S. industry in 1997 streamlined operations, while his initiation of hair follicle drug testing in 2001 underscored his commitment to safety and ethics. His foresight led to the promotion of natural gas utilization to power drilling rigs in 2006, showcasing his unwavering dedication to sustainability.

    An advocate for nurturing talent, Schledwitz established a remarkable summer internship program for engineering majors, fostering a pipeline of skilled professionals. This initiative, now celebrating 25 years, reflects his forward-thinking leadership and dedication to shaping the industry’s future. Furthermore, his commitment to professional development, health, and longevity through the Leonardi Institute has resulted in a steadfast leadership team, considered one of the best in the sector.

    Schledwitz’s innovation extends to Exciter Energy Services, Inc., where he assumed the role of CEO & Chairman of the Board in August 2015. His tenure has been marked by his signature approach: a relentless focus on operational excellence driven by metrics, strategic collaboration, and fostering an environment of innovation. He stands out as “the leader who develops tomorrow’s leaders,” emphasizing the critical importance of team empowerment and engagement in driving consistent revenue and profitability.

    At the core of Schledwitz’s leadership philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to relationships and respect for people. His ability to cultivate enduring partnerships with colleagues, customers, partners, and vendors has fortified his standing as a respected industry luminary. His exemplary record in designing drilling rigs, pioneering mud motor technology, and championing health and safety initiatives underscores his indelible legacy in the field.

    Tom Schledwitz, with his unparalleled vision, strategic prowess, and unwavering commitment to industry innovation, has indelibly shaped the landscape of the oil and gas sector. His journey from a Roughneck to a visionary leader continues to inspire and set a precedent for excellence in leadership and innovation within the industry.

    Character: Tom Schledwitz, a stalwart of the oil & gas industry, embodies unwavering integrity, fostering lasting relationships built on respect and ethics.

    Knowledge: With a comprehensive journey from Roughneck to President, Schledwitz possesses a profound understanding of the industry, enabling strategic decision-making.

    Strategic: A visionary leader, Schledwitz revolutionized Ensign U.S. Drilling Inc. by expanding its U.S. presence, diversifying revenue streams, and introducing innovative industry practices.

    Communication: Schledwitz’s exceptional communication skills and emphasis on team empowerment underscore his role as a leader who cultivates tomorrow’s leaders, driving consistent revenue and profitability while upholding values and safety.


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