Tom Hawkett: Pioneering Business Development Leader and Innovator in IoT and Software Solutions

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    Tom Hawkett is an accomplished business development leader with a distinguished career of consistently achieving remarkable results. With a proven track record of successfully selling over $20 million worth of software, training, and business services, Tom has established himself as an influential figure in the industry.

    Tom excels at collaborating with businesses to creatively address challenges, drive innovation, and formulate winning strategies that enhance operational efficiency and drive revenue growth. As a specialist in business development, his skill set encompasses direct sales, partnership development, and the creation of impactful marketing campaigns, primarily within the realm of B2B SaaS software platforms.

    His overarching objective is to elevate revenues, enhance customer performance, foster customer and employee engagement, all while delivering substantial value to stakeholders. In essence, Tom plays a pivotal role in facilitating better buying experiences for customers and helping vendors sell more effectively.

    Tom’s recent involvement in developing use cases for solutions utilizing IoT device networks, software, AI, and business analytics in Smart Buildings, water damage mitigation, healthcare, and hospitality sectors underscores his forward-thinking approach. By optimizing occupancy, safety, and risk mitigation, he has demonstrated a knack for staying at the cutting edge of technological advancements and industry trends.

    Moreover, Tom possesses a unique talent for identifying and nurturing profitable partnerships with clients and fellow vendors. In addition to his individual contributions, he excels as a team leader and sales coach, consistently raising performance levels through the development of talent within his teams.

    Tom Hawkett can rightfully be considered a pioneer in the fields of Location-Based Marketing, CRM, ERP/financial accounting, VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) software, and IoT. His enduring commitment to excellence and innovation has left an indelible mark on the industry, and his career serves as an exemplary testament to what a high-performance business development leader can achieve.

    Character: Tom Hawkett is a high-performance business development leader with a strong track record of selling millions in software and services, driven by a commitment to delivering value to stakeholders.

    Knowledge: With expertise in IoT, software, AI, and business analytics, Tom innovates in Smart Building solutions, healthcare, and hospitality by optimizing occupancy, safety, and risk mitigation.

    Strategic: Tom excels in identifying and developing profitable partnerships, showcasing his strategic prowess, while raising team performance and coaching sales staff to achieve outstanding results.

    Communication: As a skilled communicator, Tom’s ability to convey his vision and expertise in Location-Based Marketing, CRM, ERP, VRM, and IoT establishes him as a respected figure in the industry.


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