Todd Furniss: Pioneering Social Impact Through Business Leadership

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    Todd Furniss is a seasoned executive with over three decades of global experience in private equity, consulting, and operations. With a rich history of fostering growth and solving complex problems, Furniss has established himself as a visionary leader at the forefront of impact-driven initiatives.  Furniss’s expertise spans industries as he delves into problems related to healthcare, broadband access, business services, financial services, political issues, economic issues and other critical matters.

    As the founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of gTC Group (an investment organization), Furniss invests in companies that strive to mitigate social challenges he has meticulously studied and quantified. He has led investments in many companies and in many countries over the last 15 years.

    Additionally, serving as the CEO of TFIP Group (the research organization that produces reports, publishes books, conducts interviews (over 175 in the last 2 years alone), podcasts and other form of intellectual property). Furniss leads the charge in researching, quantifying, and investing in solutions to pressing social issues. His intellectual property development company, TFIP LLC, has published his bestselling book The 60% Solution: Rethinking Healthcare, propelled his mission to the forefront, where he has published influential works, hosted enlightening podcasts (Civil Discourse hosted by Todd Furniss (with over 2 million views)), and produced insightful research reports. Furniss has also developed a website,, to help people buy healthcare goods and services as more informed consumers. 

    Co-founder of the Center for Impact Indices (CII, the quantification organization) Furniss focuses on translating research into action by quantifying problems at a granular level. Indices like the Healthcare Inequality Index (HII) and the Broadband Inequality Index (BII) are testaments to his commitment to data-driven solutions.  His work in this area will extend to other of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. 

    Furniss’s influence extends beyond the boardroom, reaching the realms of non-profit and political arenas. He serves on the boards of Denison Ministries, the Institute for Sustainable Development, and Legacy, demonstrating his dedication to positive change on multiple fronts. As a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), his commitment to growth and excellence is evident. He also serves on the Board of Managers for Parkland Hospital, the one of the largest County hospitals in the US, where he serves on the Quality Committee, the Facilities Committee and is the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

    His professional journey began as an attorney at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) before he transitioned to Electronic Data Systems (EDS), where he played pivotal roles in legal affairs, operations, business development, and strategy. Furniss’s tenure at EDS spanned twelve years.

    Furniss holds a JD from George Mason University – Antonin Scalia Law School and a BA in Political Science from Old Dominion University. His academic foundation complements his leadership prowess, creating a synergy that fuels his impact-driven initiatives.

    With unwavering determination, Todd Furniss champions transformational change across industries, leveraging his vast experience, research acumen, and strategic mindset to drive social progress. His legacy is one of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of a better world.

    Character: Todd Furniss is a seasoned executive known for his unwavering commitment to solving pressing social issues through impactful business ventures and philanthropic efforts.

    Knowledge: Furniss’s extensive global experience in private equity, consulting, and operations, coupled with his research acumen, positions him as a thought leader in addressing complex societal challenges.

    Strategic: Furniss’s strategic prowess is evident in his multi-faceted business model that encompasses research, quantification, and investment, effectively translating data-driven insights into actionable solutions.

    Communication: Furniss excels in effective communication, evident through his published works, podcast hosting, and media presence, which collectively amplify his expertise and reach.


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