Suzanne Gibbs Howard: A Catalyst for Bold Change

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    Suzanne Gibbs Howard is a seasoned advisor, entrepreneur, and strategist renowned for her expertise in product strategy, learning design and organizational transformation. With a career spanning diverse sectors, Suzanne has left an indelible mark as a visionary leader committed to catalyzing bold change through education, empathy, and insight.

    Born with a passion for unlocking human potential, Suzanne’s journey began in Silicon Valley, where she joined as an early employee. Her contributions were instrumental in the growth of this venture-backed eCommerce platform, where she played a key role in product development and customer experience.

    Suzanne’s career trajectory took a transformative turn when she joined IDEO, an international design and innovation firm renowned for its human centered innovative approach. At IDEO, Suzanne led the research and insights team globally, growing it to become a powerful differentiator. As the Managing Director of the Systems and Organizational Change business, she codified IDEO’s change management process across dozens of clients. Suzanne conceptualized, launched, and scaled IDEO U, a groundbreaking online learning platform that empowers individuals worldwide to solve challenges creatively. Under her leadership, IDEO U became IDEO’s most successful venture, serving over 200,000 learners globally.

    Currently, Suzanne is an independent advisor and coach. She’s on the board of directors for Studion,  a technology services company that envisions, designs and builds the engaging digital experiences for Learning and Life Sciences. She also advises and coaches leaders in a wide range of organizations including Microsoft, Apple, and MIT as well as early stage startups. 

    Driven by a profound desire to help individuals and societies thrive, Suzanne’s work extends beyond corporate borders. As a member of the First Movers Fellowship Teaching Team at the Aspen Institute, she played a pivotal role in designing and delivering professional development programs for corporate social intrapreneurs, fostering positive change within for-profit organizations. She serves on the board of Education Design Lab, a national nonprofit that designs, tests, and scales education-to-workforce models.

    Suzanne’s impact reverberates across industries, with her innovative approaches impacting organizations such as The Gates Foundation, Ford, and Google. Her thought leadership extends beyond academia, with publications in prestigious outlets like Inc. Magazine and Fast Company.

    With a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science & Anthropology from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, History & African Studies from Northwestern University, Suzanne embodies the ethos of lifelong learning and continuous growth. Her legacy is defined by her relentless pursuit of transformative change and her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and organizations to embrace innovation and drive meaningful impact.

    Character: Suzanne Gibbs Howard is a visionary leader committed to catalyzing bold change through education, empathy, and insight, embodying integrity and a passion for unlocking human potential.

    Knowledge: With expertise spanning product strategy, learning design, organizational transformation, and diverse sectors, Suzanne possesses a deep understanding of innovative approaches to drive meaningful change.

    Strategy: Suzanne strategically conceptualizes, launches, and scales groundbreaking ventures, like IDEO U, demonstrating her ability to navigate complexities and propel initiatives to success.

    Communication: Suzanne effectively communicates her vision, expertise, and insights across diverse audiences through publications, professional development programs, and thought leadership, fostering collaboration and driving positive change.


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