Susan Fortner: A PR Expert at the Helm of BPR International

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    With over 25 years of experience at the forefront of public relations, Susan Fortner stands as a trailblazer in the industry. As the Founder of BPR International, a global PR firm with offices in Columbus and Austin, Susan has carved a reputation for excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to her clients.

    BPR International is recognized for its specialization in Public Relations for the Technology, Finance, and Sustainability sectors, with a particular emphasis on the water industry. Susan’s visionary approach to PR is designed to not only increase visibility, trust, and awareness within communities but also to build and nurture local relationships consistently.

    Under her leadership, BPR International offers a comprehensive array of services, including:

    ✔️ Community Relations ✔️ Messaging Guidelines ✔️ Strategic Relationships ✔️ Charitable Giveback ✔️ Media Relations ✔️ Conference Support and Event Planning ✔️ Social Media Management and Strategy

    Susan’s remarkable career journey reflects her commitment to public relations. Prior to founding BPR International, she led Bowers PR & Marketing, a boutique agency in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in Community Relations and Strategic Public Relations for the Banking and Finance Industries.

    Throughout her career, Susan has consistently demonstrated her prowess in the PR field, winning the admiration of peers and clients alike. Her efforts are well reflected in a glowing testimonial from Dian Franks, Marketing Director at The Union Bank, who acknowledges Susan’s passion and dedication.

    Susan’s professional journey includes a variety of roles that have contributed to her extensive expertise. She served as an Executive Producer at We Decorate Columbus, a Partner at Your Management Team, and a Publisher at The Ohio Country Register. Susan’s extensive background in the field also includes a stint as an Account Executive at Falhgren Martin Advertising, where she honed her skills in PR and marketing.

    Educationally, Susan holds a degree in International Law and Legal Studies from the University of Richmond, a Bachelor of Science in Business from Malone University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Kent State University. Her participation in student government, cheerleading, and Delta Gamma during her academic journey illustrates her dedication to personal and community development.

    Moreover, Susan Fortner is a certified PR professional, holding licenses and certifications from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Her commitment to the PR industry is further underscored by her endorsements and expertise in areas such as media relations, marketing, social media, press releases, and public speaking.

    As an industry veteran, Susan Fortner continues to steer BPR International towards new heights of success, consistently delivering top-tier PR solutions and leaving an indelible mark on the public relations landscape. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, community, and client success makes her an invaluable asset in the field of public relations.

    Character: Susan Fortner is a dedicated and passionate PR professional, committed to delivering excellence and building strong client relationships.

    Knowledge: With degrees in International Law, Business, and Journalism, Susan’s educational background has equipped her with a diverse and well-rounded knowledge base for the PR industry.

    Strategic: Susan’s visionary approach to PR, as evidenced by her leadership at BPR International, focuses on increasing visibility, trust, and awareness within communities, while consistently nurturing local relationships.

    Communication: Susan’s impressive endorsements and expertise in media relations, marketing, social media, and public speaking highlight her exceptional communication skills, further validating her expertise in the field of public relations.


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