Sue Weiler-Doke: Seasoned Construction Professional, Strategic Leader, and Talent Management Expert

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    Sue Weiler-Doke is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the construction industry, spanning civil, heavy highway, oil & gas, power, and mining markets, showcasing comprehensive expertise and hands-on involvement in diverse sectors. In her role as West Coast Business Director for a major international contractor, she spearheaded project financial planning, talent management, financial projections, and corporate reporting. She was a pivotal member of the management team in steering the $1.5B I-405 Project in Los Angeles, overseeing 11 departments and various critical aspects of project management.

    Equipped with a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology and currently pursuing a doctoral degree in organizational leadership, Sue excels as a certified Gallup Strengths coach, offering strengths-based coaching to individuals, teams, and managers. She focuses on optimizing management effectiveness, team dynamics, conflict resolution, and leadership development. Her love for strategic planning finds expression through her fondness for whiteboards, where she thrives in mapping out innovative strategies.

    Her extensive tenure in the construction realm, continual service to industry committees, and mastery in talent management afford her a deep understanding of contractors’ needs. Sue empowers organizations with strategies and initiatives for optimal growth, team building, performance enhancement, effective communication, and profit maximization. In her various roles across United Contractors, D. Brown Management, AGC of California, and Kiewit, Sue’s unwavering commitment to the industry’s advancement and her multifaceted contributions have solidified her reputation as a leader, mentor, and catalyst for transformative change.

    • Character: Sue Weiler-Doke embodies seasoned professionalism, commitment, and versatility across a three-decade career in construction, reflecting resilience and adaptability in navigating diverse industry landscapes.
    • Knowledge: With a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology, ongoing pursuit of a doctoral degree in organizational leadership, and certification as a Gallup Strengths coach, Sue possesses a wealth of academic and practical expertise, enabling her to offer profound insights in talent management, team dynamics, and leadership development.
    • Strategic: Demonstrating innate strategic prowess, Sue leverages her vast experience, particularly as the West Coast Business Director and involvement in the I-405 Project, to adeptly craft and implement multifaceted strategies, consistently steering organizations towards optimal growth, enhanced performance, and profitability.
    • Communication: Sue excels in effective communication and mentorship, fostering a collaborative environment through her strengths-based coaching approach, adept conflict resolution skills, and the capacity to articulate innovative strategies via her love for whiteboard mind-mapping.


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