Steve Snodgrass: Fusing Leadership with Community Advocacy

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    With a robust background spanning over 40 years in executive leadership, Steve Snodgrass has steered numerous major organizations toward success. Beyond his corporate roles, Steve has been a key figure in various nonprofit and community boards, contributing significantly to community welfare.

    Professional Journey

    Steve’s tenure at Graniterock saw him serve as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from 2004 to 2022.  He served in a dual role from 2000 to 2018 as CFO and CIO, shaping the company’s financial strategies, alongside his role as Vice President. His leadership as the Owner and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Montbell significantly influenced the company’s technological advancements. Montbell was a direct competitor to The North Face and Patagonia and was sold to Lands End. Through this experience Steve learned a tremendous amount about how to start a business.

    Educational Background

    Steve earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Accounting from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1977.

    Commitment to Community Service

    Dedicated to community development, Steve actively engages with numerous boards and advocacy roles, including the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation, Cabrillo College Foundation, Dominican Hospital Santa Cruz Community Board, Monterey County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), and Pajaro Sunny Mesa Community Services District.

    Contributions to Social Services and Advocacy

    Throughout his career, Steve has chaired social service districts, actively participated in committees focusing on civil rights, environmental concerns, and emergency services, aiming to drive positive change and foster community development. Steve was also recognized with the Jefferson Award by a local TV station. The Jefferson award was founded by Jacqueline Kennedy in recognition of community service.

    Skills and Endorsements

    Steve’s expertise spans strategic planning, vendor management, ERP systems, team building, and business intelligence. He’s endorsed by colleagues for his adept leadership across diverse domains, recognized for his strategic decision-making and skilled management.

    Steve Snodgrass stands as a dynamic leader, showcasing a multifaceted career in finance and an unwavering dedication to community welfare, leaving an indelible mark in both professional and societal realms.

    • Character: Steve Snodgrass exemplifies integrity and unwavering dedication, showcasing a profound commitment to community welfare through extensive involvement in nonprofit boards and social service initiatives.
    • Knowledge: With over four decades of executive leadership, Steve Snodgrass embodies a wealth of expertise in financial management, strategic planning, and technology implementation, acquired across various organizational landscapes.
    • Strategic: Steve Snodgrass demonstrates strategic prowess by effectively steering large organizations, contributing significantly to their growth trajectory, and employing innovative approaches that propel success and foster continuous advancement.
    • Communication: Steve Snodgrass, equipped with a diverse skill set, adeptly communicates and collaborates across multifaceted roles, effectively advocating for community causes and fostering harmonious collaboration among diverse stakeholders through clear and influential communication pathways.


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