Stan Knott: A Visionary Media Leader Transforming Broadcasting Landscapes

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    Stan Knott is an accomplished senior executive with over 30 years of management experience, recognized for his exceptional leadership in operational success, mergers and acquisitions, and implementing cutting-edge platforms. His career path showcases a history of transformative leadership roles across notable companies, consistently driving growth and innovation in the media and broadcasting industry.

    As the Chief Operating Officer at Standard Media, Stan played a pivotal role in propelling the company from its inception to a successful acquisition. He excels in overseeing daily operations, strategic planning, and major upgrades in facilities and digital platforms, steering the company to significant profit growth, notably amidst pandemic-related challenges.

    Prior roles include key positions at USA Pyramid Consulting, LLC, Media General, WKRN TV/Young Broadcasting, WOFL/WRBL/WOGX TV/Fox Television, and WDAF TV/Fox Television. Stan’s impactful leadership resulted in station transformations, market share growth, and cultural shifts, notably from steering stations from lower rankings to top-tier positions within their respective markets.

    His achievements span comprehensive M&A projects, spearheading significant negotiations with major franchises in sports rights and broadcast program rights, establishing nonlinear platforms, and leading structural reorganizations that drive operational efficiency.

    Stan’s commitment to education and training stands out as he conducts sessions across organizations, embodying the ethos of a lifelong learner and teacher. His exceptional negotiation skills and ability to cultivate synergies have consistently propelled organizations toward success.

    An adept communicator and skilled negotiator, Stan Knott’s unwavering dedication to operational excellence and strategic vision has positioned him as a respected leader within the media landscape. His transformative leadership and profound industry expertise continue to pave the way for innovation and growth in the ever-evolving media and broadcasting industry.

    Character: Stan Knott exhibits unwavering integrity, resilience, and a dedicated work ethic across his three-decade career, reflecting a high standard of ethical conduct and commitment to excellence.

    Knowledge: With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 30 years in senior management roles within the media industry, Stan possesses an extensive depth of knowledge in operational management, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, and strategic transformations.

    Strategic: Stan demonstrates exceptional strategic acumen by orchestrating significant company growth through mergers and acquisitions, implementing innovative platforms, and leading organizational restructuring to drive operational efficiency and profitability.

    Communication: Adept in both verbal and written communication, Stan’s articulate and persuasive communication style fosters effective negotiations with major franchises, facilitates strategic partnerships, and enables seamless training sessions across the organization, portraying him as a skilled communicator and influencer.


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