Stacy Scott: Catalyst for Equity, Diversity, and Global Transformation

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    Stacy Scott is a visionary leader deeply committed to fostering equity, diversity, and transformative change across various sectors. With a wealth of experience spanning strategic leadership, education, and non-profit innovation, his impactful journey underscores a dedication to empowering communities and institutions.

    As the Chief of Strategy at Wayfinding Partners, Stacy drives justice-driven consulting initiatives, partnering with leaders navigating uncertainty and embracing racial justice in organizational transformations. His role contributes significantly to individual, organizational, and community growth.

    He currently presides as President of Global Sustainable, a non-profit dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurship globally. Through innovative initiatives and a racial equity lens, Stacy’s work focuses on addressing global social challenges, evident in projects spanning multiple countries like Brazil, Nigeria, China, and forthcoming ones in Japan, USA, and Uganda.

    With an extensive background in education, Stacy serves as a Senior Lecturer at Boston University, educating students on educational leadership, strategic planning, and the social context of education. His research projects explore confidence, innovation, and intuition, emphasizing community service through board leadership and volunteering.

    As the Founder and President of the Center for Understanding Equity, Stacy supports schools and leaders in enhancing student performance through coaching, resources, and leadership training. His collaborations with renowned organizations reflect his commitment to holistic system redesign and achieving explicit targets in education.

    Throughout his illustrious career, Stacy has held pivotal roles, including Director at the Massachusetts State Board of Education and Superintendent at various school districts. His initiatives in Framingham Public Schools showcased innovative approaches, building collaborations to prepare students for a dynamic economy through a Cradle to Career initiative, fostering partnerships with diverse stakeholders.

    Stacy’s academic journey includes a Doctorate and Master’s in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, complementing his Bachelor’s degree in International Government from Harvard College.

    Endorsed for his expertise in leadership development, coaching, teaching, and an array of skills by colleagues and industry professionals, Stacy Scott stands as an inspiring figure driving meaningful change across education, non-profits, and corporate sectors, epitomizing dedication, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to equity and inclusion.

    • Character: Stacy Scott exemplifies visionary leadership and an unwavering dedication to equity, diversity, and transformative change, demonstrating a commitment to empowering communities and institutions through his impactful journey.
    • Knowledge: With extensive expertise in strategic leadership, education, and non-profit innovation, Stacy Scott’s wealth of experience enriches his ability to drive significant positive change across various sectors.
    • Strategic: In his role as Chief of Strategy at Wayfinding Partners and President of Global Sustainable, Stacy strategically spearheads justice-driven consulting initiatives, fostering growth and addressing global social challenges through innovative projects spanning multiple countries.
    • Communication: Stacy’s extensive background in education and leadership roles, coupled with his effective communication skills, enables his to educate, lead, and collaborate effectively, fostering holistic system redesign and achieving explicit targets in education and community development.


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