Scott Hendrix: Pioneering Excellence in the Automotive Industry

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    Scott Hendrix is a seasoned luminary in the automotive industry, boasting an extensive career spanning over three decades. His current role as the CEO of Evolve Dealer Services epitomizes his commitment to driving innovation and excellence within the automotive sector. Simultaneously, Scott assumes the mantle of Owner and Strategist at Impact Automotive Consulting, leveraging his wealth of experience to furnish clients with strategic counsel and invaluable insights for navigating the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

    A linchpin in Scott’s trajectory was his tenure as the Senior Vice President of National Accounts at iA American Warranty Group, where his visionary contributions played a pivotal role in sculpting the company’s triumphant narrative for over two decades.

    Scott’s automotive journey commenced in esteemed leadership capacities at industry giants like American Honda Motor Company, Inc., and Mazda Motor Corporation. Through these roles, he acquired a profound understanding of the industry, honing his expertise across diverse facets—from sales management to strategic planning.

    A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, majoring in Marketing. His unwavering dedication to the automotive domain, coupled with his visionary leadership, has positioned him as a venerated figure within the industry. Scott remains a driving force, perpetually propelling businesses towards success amid the dynamic market milieu.

    His skill set is a testament to his prowess, encompassing expertise in consulting, marketing, leadership, strategic planning, revenue optimization, growth initiatives, industry relations, sales management, problem-solving, and national accounts management.

    Beyond his professional domain, Scott is actively engaged in various associations, contributing to the RBI Foundation and the Larry the Cable Guy Foundation. He epitomizes integrity, ethics, and an unswerving commitment to excellence, fostering trust and respect within the automotive realm.

    Scott Hendrix stands as an exemplar of unwavering dedication, unparalleled expertise, and profound commitment, fueling automotive excellence and guiding businesses toward growth through his invaluable insights and visionary leadership. His tireless efforts continue to redefine success in the automotive industry.

    Character: Scott Hendrix epitomizes moral integrity, honesty, and unwavering dedication, fostering trust within the automotive industry through his ethical conduct and commitment to excellence.

    Knowledge: With over 35 years of professional experience, Scott possesses deep industry knowledge and expertise, utilizing it adeptly to tackle complex challenges and make informed decisions in the automotive sector.

    Strategic: Scott’s strategic expertise shines through successful growth initiatives, long-term planning, revenue optimization, and adept handling of business complexities, showcasing his ability to navigate and excel in the dynamic automotive landscape.

    Communication: As an adept communicator, Scott effortlessly conveys complex ideas and strategies with clarity and conviction, engaging and inspiring large audiences while showcasing his prowess in precise strategic decision-making.


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