Saul Gamoran – Visionary Leader in Law and Business

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    Saul Gamoran, the founder and President of Gamoran Legal Consulting (GLC), stands as a seasoned leader with over 35 years of diverse experience in law, public service, business, finance, licensing, distribution, media, and technology services. At GLC, Saul is instrumental in establishing and managing key client and strategic partner relationships, playing a pivotal role in recruitment, placement, and consulting strategies.

    Saul’s legal journey began as a prosecuting attorney specializing in the prosecution of sexual predators. Transitioning into corporate law, he served as General Counsel for both private and public companies. Notably, Saul held senior positions at DocuSign and Play-By-Play, where he established extensive licensing and distribution networks across Europe, Asia, and South America. As the Chief Executive Officer of, Saul led the company through exponential growth, pioneering the first internet premium content subscription service.

    His leadership extends to Renaissance Strategies, a consulting firm, where Saul, as President, was engaged by Fortune 100 companies and venture capital firms for securing strategic partnerships and turning around troubled companies in their portfolios. Notable clients and partners included Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney, and Warner Bros.

    Saul’s unique blend of legal and business acumen makes him invaluable to law firms, legal departments, and elite legal talent. With a JD from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and a BS in Speech from Northwestern University, Saul has a strong educational foundation that complements his wealth of professional experiences.

    As the President of Gamoran Legal Consulting since November 2006, Saul continues to shape the firm’s trajectory, drawing on his vast experience and understanding of the confluence of law and business. His visionary leadership has positioned GLC as a trusted partner for legal consulting needs, offering unparalleled expertise to clients in navigating the complexities of the legal and business landscape.

    Character: Saul Gamoran embodies integrity and dedication, evident in his 35-year career as a legal professional and entrepreneur, where he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to justice, business excellence, and ethical leadership.

    Knowledge: With a JD from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and a BS in Speech from Northwestern University, Saul brings a wealth of educational and professional knowledge to his roles, encompassing law, business, finance, licensing, distribution, media, and technology services.

    Strategic: Saul’s strategic prowess is evident in his leadership roles at, DocuSign, and Renaissance Strategies, where he spearheaded exponential growth, established global networks, and secured strategic partnerships for Fortune 100 companies, showcasing his ability to navigate complex business landscapes.

    Communication: As the founder and President of Gamoran Legal Consulting, Saul’s communication skills shine through in his role, where he is responsible for managing key client relationships and strategic partnerships, highlighting his ability to articulate complex legal and business concepts effectively.


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