Sandy Godsey: Pioneering Legal Counsel in High-Tech Innovation and Intellectual Property

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    Sandy Godsey is an accomplished Legal Counsel with a rich history in cutting-edge high technology fields, including cellular communications, metamaterial technologies, semiconductor and electronics, e-commerce, fintech, agtech, and Internet industries. A skilled innovator, negotiator, and patent strategist, Sandy’s strong engineering and finance background is complemented by her Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree, specializing in Intellectual Property Law and International Law from The University of Texas School of Law. Her international experience includes extensive work in Japan and Europe.

    Sandy’s journey is marked by significant roles, notably as the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Metawave Corporation, where she excels in legal management, IP, negotiations, leasing, litigation, and employment operations. As Chief Legal Officer and Sr. Director of Innovation & IP Portfolios at companies like PayPal and eBay, she showcased her prowess in patent strategy, e-commerce, and strategic planning.

    Throughout her career, Sandy has been an influential figure, leaving her mark on prestigious organizations such as Glass Dynamics, where she served as Legal Counsel & Advisor, and in leadership positions at Polyceed Inc., focusing on energy-efficient smart window technology. Her remarkable journey includes leading intellectual property depts at Amazon, PayPal and Qualcomm and Motorola Mobility.

    Sandy’s impressive academic background includes a Doctor of Law (J.D.) from The University of Texas School of Law, a Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from Drexel University. With endorsements spanning various aspects of law, technology, and business strategy, Sandy Godsey stands as an exemplar of leadership, innovation, and legal expertise in the dynamic landscape of high technology industries.

    Character: Sandy Godsey is an experienced legal professional known for her strong engineering background, strategic thinking, and innovative approach in handling complex high-tech legal matters.

    Knowledge: With a Doctor of Law (J.D.) focused in Intellectual Property Law and International Law, Sandy possesses extensive expertise in cutting-edge technology areas including cellular communications, metamaterial technologies, e-commerce, fintech, and more.

    Strategic: Sandy has demonstrated her strategic prowess as Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at Metawave Corporation, where she managed legal operations, IP, negotiations, leasing, litigation, and employment matters.

    Communication: Sandy’s exceptional communication skills are evident in her roles as Sr. Director at PayPal and eBay, where she oversaw innovation and IP portfolios, as well as in her work as a Satellite Patent Attorney at Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, and Chief Legal Officer at Glass Dyenamics, effectively navigating legal complexities and negotiations to drive success in the technology industry.


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