Sae Chang: Innovator and Sustainable Business Leader

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    Sae Chang is a pioneering executive with a diverse background in R&D, product development, international sales, marketing, and business development, primarily within the textile and IT industries. With over three decades of experience, Chang has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation and sustainability throughout his career.

    As the President & CEO of CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE, Chang leads a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting patent-pending technologies for clean textile waste recycling. By reclaiming textile waste without generating harmful environmental byproducts, such as microplastic contamination and toxic chemicals, Chang’s organization is at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the textile industry.

    In his role at CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE, Chang serves as the CEO of HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE, where he spearheads the development and implementation of thermal insulation products with industry-leading performance. Through innovative technologies like nDown(TM) and iDown(TM), Chang’s work at HEAT-MX has significantly improved product performances for brand customers and manufacturers while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

    Chang’s professional journey also includes roles at prominent companies such as 3M and Matrox, where he excelled as a Transnational Sales Account Manager and Regional Sales Marketing Manager, respectively. During his tenure, Chang achieved remarkable success in expanding market share, building strategic relationships, and driving significant sales growtth.

    Recognizing the prevalence of misinformation on sustainability and ESG worldwide, Chang has dedicated himself to promoting accurate information across various sustainability topics. Through initiatives like the annual International Sustainability Marketing Competition (ISMC), which attracted nearly 300 top universities from 63 countries in 2023, Chang and his organization, Clean Recycling Initiative™, aim to foster greater awareness and engagement. Additionally, Chang actively participates in webinar sessions and serves as a keynote speaker at events like the Consumer Experience Conference 2024, organized by the Strategy Institute. His efforts extend to publishing educational content on social media platforms and finalizing a book titled “Be a Green Hero (BGH): Handbook of Textile Sustainability.”

    International Sustainability Marketing Competition (ISMC) 2023 by the numbers:

    293 Participating Schools

    63 Participating Countries

    767 Registered Students

    Participating Continents

    And growing….

    Please visit for more details.

    In addition to his corporate achievements, Chang is a recognized innovator, having invented several groundbreaking technologies, including the Clean Recycling Initiative and Vision in Motion(TM). His commitment to sustainability and technological advancement has earned him prestigious accolades, including recognition as a Top 100 Canadian Professional and the recipient of the TOP 100 LEADERS Award by MARSUM, USA.

    Chang’s educational background includes a B.Sc. in Textile Engineering from Yeungnam University and a Certificate in Principles of Paper Making from North Carolina State University. He is highly endorsed by colleagues and industry professionals for his expertise in industry knowledge, international sales, business development, product development, and more.

    Driven by a passion for innovation and sustainability, Sae Chang continues to make significant contributions to the textile industry and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on global business and environmental stewardship.

    Character: Sae Chang demonstrates integrity, passion, and a commitment to sustainability throughout his career, embodying ethical leadership qualities.

    Knowledge: With a deep understanding of the textile and IT industries, Sae Chang leverages his expertise to drive innovation and promote sustainable practices.

    Strategic: Sae Chang’s strategic approach includes pioneering patent-pending technologies, fostering strategic partnerships, and expanding market reach to drive business growth.

    Communication: Sae Chang excels in effectively communicating his vision, ideas, and value propositions to stakeholders, clients, and industry professionals, fostering collaboration and driving positive change.


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