Randy DelPrince: Pioneering Excellence in Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Leadership

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    Randy DelPrince is a seasoned entrepreneur, advisor, and venture capital investor with a career spanning over four decades. Based in Golden, Colorado, he has excelled not only in Digital Transformation and Agile leadership but also as a strategic leader and influential board member. Randy’s impact is felt across sectors, including healthcare insurance and automotive financial services, where he led Agile transformations and enhanced software programs’ velocity and quality.

    In addition to his roles in Digital and Agile Transformation, Randy has played a pivotal role in executive leadership. As a Board Member for Royal United Financial Services, he contributed to shaping the company’s vision, strategies, and organizational culture, leading to high profitability. His advisory role at Rockies Venture Fund involved evaluating investment opportunities and advising on early-stage companies, resulting in 23 investments totaling $4.5 million. Randy is also an Angel Investor with a diverse portfolio of early and advanced financial services and technology-centric businesses.

    Randy’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his co-founding of Celebrity Kids Portrait Studios in 1998.  Under his leadership, the retail franchise expanded to 22 locations in 10 states, offering a unique customer experience with state-of-the-art technology. The venture achieved its exit goal through acquisition by a Silicon Valley-based private equity firm. Commercial real estate development and leasing is a diversified strategy to support the Celebrity Kids business ecosystem.  

    Educationally, Randy holds an MBA in Information Technology Management and a Bachelor of Business Admin in Information Systems. His certifications include Scaled Agile SAFe Program Consultant (SPC-6), AGILITY HEALTH RADAR Continuous Improvement Champion (CIC), and Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). Randy DelPrince stands as a dynamic leader, leveraging his vast experience in entrepreneurship, advisory, venture capital investing, and leadership coaching.

    Character: Randy DelPrince exemplifies integrity, adaptability, and a collaborative spirit, fostering trust and effective teamwork in diverse and complex organizational settings.

    Knowledge: With over 40 years of experience, Randy showcases an extensive and multifaceted knowledge base, particularly in Digital and Agile transformations, Portfolio & Program Management, and Entrepreneurship.

    Strategic: Randy’s strategic acumen is evident in his leadership roles, where he successfully implemented Agile transformations, established portfolios and programs, and introduced value streams, contributing to immediate and long-term wins toward Business Agility goals.

    Communication: Randy excels in effective communication, demonstrated by his ability to listen-first, articulate complex concepts, and build relationships, facilitating collaboration with executives and teams across various sectors for successful Agile transformations.


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