Raj Sarangam: A Visionary Leader in Information Systems Consulting

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    With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, Raj Sarangam has established himself as a preeminent figure in the realm of information systems consulting. His unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a strategic vision for driving organizational growth and implementing agile methodologies, has solidified his reputation as a seasoned professional renowned for his expertise in technical product ownership and project management.

    During his tenure as Delivery Head for SAP Technology at a Fortune 500 company, Raj Sarangam spearheaded a comprehensive array of initiatives encompassing IT support, project management, and process improvement. His efforts yielded remarkable results, significantly reducing software failures and automating operations, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Raj’s strategic oversight extended across various SAP functions, including Finance, Supply Chain, Sales Order, and Business Intelligence, where he adeptly managed a team of 120 skilled resources.

    Embodying an entrepreneurial spirit, Raj Sarangam co-founded ORP Soft, LLC, and assumed the pivotal role of Chief Executive Officer. Under his visionary leadership, the company underwent remarkable growth, scaling from 11 to over 50 resources within an impressive timeframe of 18 months. Raj’s strategic acumen facilitated ORP Soft’s global expansion, establishing operations in five international business centres and forging strategic partnerships to deliver holistic solutions to clients worldwide.

    Throughout his distinguished career, Raj Sarangam has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to technical excellence and innovation in diverse domains, including IT services, staff augmentation, and other areas of expertise. During his tenure at Infosys Ltd, he adroitly managed high-profile projects for esteemed clients such as Tyson Foods, HP Inc, Sysco Corporation, and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, consistently delivering exceptional results through his strong leadership and strategic vision.

    Raj Sarangam’s academic credentials are equally impressive, comprising an MBA from the University of Houston, complemented by master’s degrees in Computer Science and Chemical Engineering from McNeese State University and Lamar University, respectively. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious BITS Pilani, India.

    Driven by a mission to build category-defining products through cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to client success, Raj Sarangam stands as a trusted advisor and partner in the information systems consulting realm. He embodies the principles of transparency, simplicity, and agility in every endeavour, fostering trust and respect among colleagues and clients alike. With a vision to continually innovate and excel on a global scale, Raj Sarangam is poised to cement his legacy as a leader in the field, setting new benchmarks for professional excellence.

    Character: Raj Sarangam exhibits integrity, resilience, and ethical conduct in all professional endeavors, fostering trust and respect among colleagues and clients alike.

    Knowledge: With extensive expertise in technical product ownership and project management, Raj Sarangam demonstrates a deep understanding of agile methodologies and IT solutions, driving organizational growth and performance.

    Strategic: Raj Sarangam employs a forward-thinking and proactive approach to problem-solving, effectively identifying opportunities for process improvements and implementing strategic initiatives to achieve long-term goals.

    Communication: Raj Sarangam possesses exceptional communication skills, adeptly conveying complex ideas and fostering collaboration across diverse teams and stakeholders to ensure clarity of vision and alignment of objectives.


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