Puya Parniani: Driving Innovation and Excellence in Executive Leadership

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    Puya Parniani is a dynamic and forward-thinking executive leader with extensive experience driving multimillion-dollar enterprises to continuously innovate. As the CEO and Founder of Aviation-X, based in Glendale, California, Puya is responsible for establishing strategy, innovation, and growth for the consulting firm. With a pulse on cutting-edge business trends, he cultivates strategic alliances and partnerships across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, private equity, and venture capital.

    Throughout his career, Puya has demonstrated expertise in various areas, including team motivation and engagement, strategic leadership, continuous process improvement, and performance management. Notable achievements include increasing operational efficiencies and throughput by over 20% through the implementation of performance management systems and ERP-supported shop priority systems. He has also played a crucial role in acquiring and retaining employees, doubling shop capacity, and expanding business development divisions.

    Prior to founding Aviation-X, Puya served as the Chief Operating Officer at Sunvair Inc. and Hawker Pacific Aerospace, where he led operational performance, innovation, and growth for organizations with revenues exceeding $40 million and $80 million, respectively. His responsibilities included directing cross-functional teams, establishing strategic alliances, and overseeing engineering and production activities.

    Puya’s consulting experience includes projects with Deutsche Telekom AG, Lufthansa Technik AG, Conergy AG, and Maersk Sealand, where he focused on process mapping, documentation, and optimization to streamline operations and increase sales.

    Puya holds a Master of Business Information Science from the University of Hamburg, Germany, with majors in Project Management, Marketing, and ERP Systems. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated excellent planning, organization, and decision-making skills, making him a valuable asset in the business world.

    Character: Puya Parniani is a dynamic and forward-thinking executive leader with a strong passion for performance and innovation.

    Knowledge: Puya possesses extensive expertise in lean management, operational metrics, and strategic alliances across diverse industries.

    Strategic: He demonstrates strategic leadership by implementing performance management systems, ERP-supported shop priority systems, and innovative revenue-generating programs.

    Communication: Puya is an influential communicator, adept at fostering dialogue among stakeholders and empowering tomorrow’s leaders with accountability and lean methodologies.


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