Pioneering Pathways: The Dynamic Career Journey of Paul Steven MacKinnon

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    Paul MacKinnon is a distinguished Management Consultant with a robust background in developing purchasing and supply chain strategies, enhancing performance, and implementing tailored solutions for clients. He has successfully sold new work, managed large key accounts, overseen both large and small projects, mentored staff, and developed new consulting products. His experience spans the aerospace, automotive, and logistics industries, where his hands-on leadership style has consistently motivated stakeholders to achieve excellence.

    Currently, Paul divides his time between two primary endeavors, starting a company that focuses on electric vehicle charging and continuing to advise and assist companies in optimizing their operations and achieving growth. His recent consulting efforts include establishing a new approach for conducting supplier segmentation, developing procurement policy and procedure manuals for direct and indirect purchasing operations (including developing new processes), developing a new policy and procedure manual to support small business administration, and providing program management services on eProcurement implementations and strategic sourcing initiatives.

    As an industry expert, he has also supported a leading strategy consulting firm in developing approaches that significantly increased business volume for a global expedited delivery company. His expertise in purchasing and supply chain management, combined with his knowledge of the Defense/Aerospace industry, has enabled him to identify and resolve complex supply issues, analyze substantial spend data for cost-saving recommendations, and support procurement efforts for strategically important programs.

    Before starting independent consulting in 2006, Paul was the Director of the Logistics & Automotive Practice at Battelle Memorial Institute from 2005 to 2006. In this role, he developed strategies to secure more commercial automotive and logistics work, sold a $10 million government project to thwart counterfeit automotive parts, and introduced Battelle to the US Postal Service as a future key client.
    From 2002 to 2004, Paul was the Director of the Performance Improvement Practice at Arthur D. Little in Boston, MA, where he played a pivotal role in re-launching the North American Consulting business. He led the development of a new vision and strategy for the Altran Group in North America, rebranded several companies, and reconnected with former key clients to develop new business partnerships. He also hired, managed, and trained staff, building a strong network of experts to draw upon for new work.

    Earlier in his career, Paul restarted the Transportation Practice in North America for Arthur D. Little from 1992 to 2001, where he managed the firm’s largest key account, the US Postal Service, and led numerous significant projects. These included transforming the business to an ecommerce focus, developing the logistics strategy, large-scale IT planning and implementation, operations improvement, and organizational learning projects. His work involved developing a new IT Business Plan, designing and implementing pilot systems, designing and implementing a network of Operations Centers, and developing the curriculum and training USPS Logistics staff on new systems and processes. Additionally, he led a telematics strategy for a global truck manufacturer and developed a new business development strategy for Arthur D. Little’s global management consulting business.

    Paul’s early career included roles in Contracts Management at Northrop Corporation and Purchasing & Subcontracts Management at Raytheon Corporation.
    Paul holds a Master of Science in Management from the Arthur D. Little School of Management/HULT, graduating with distinction. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Babson College and has completed middle management and procurement management development programs at Raytheon Company. He has consulted and taught in executive education programs and has started and managed several businesses, including student businesses at Babson College.
    Over the past two years, he has been a Judge in the prestigious Hult Prize Entrepreneurship competition, that awards the winning team $1M to fund their startup.

    Character: Paul MacKinnon is a distinguished management consultant known for his hands-on leadership style and commitment to excellence in developing purchasing and supply chain strategies across aerospace, automotive, and logistics industries.

    Knowledge: With a Master of Science in Management from the Arthur D. Little School of Management/HULT and extensive industry experience, Paul excels in identifying and resolving complex supply issues, analyzing substantial spend data, and supporting procurement efforts for strategically important programs.

    Strategic: Paul has a proven track record of developing new consulting products, establishing innovative approaches for supplier segmentation, and leading eProcurement implementations and strategic sourcing initiatives to optimize operations and drive growth for his clients.

    Communication: Known for his ability to sell new work, manage large key accounts, and mentor staff, Paul effectively communicates his vision and strategies to stakeholders, fostering strong business relationships and achieving significant business volume increases for global companies.


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