Phil Beachey: Driven by Hard Work and Determination, Crafting Success One Innovation at a Time.

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    Phil Beachey is a seasoned entrepreneur and healthcare professional with a diverse background spanning over two decades. His career journey reflects a commitment to improving quality of life through innovative ventures in healthcare and the burgeoning hemp industry.

    Phil’s entrepreneurial spirit took root in 2019 when he founded Cardinal Labs, a pioneering initiative providing crucial research testing and consulting services to Midwest hemp farmers. This endeavor positioned him at the forefront of the hemp revolution, contributing significantly to product development and large-scale botanical extraction techniques.

    In 2020, amidst a transformative period dubbed “The Great Pivot,” Phil co-founded Axis Mundi Hemp. As co-owner, he spearheaded the brand’s strategic direction, focusing on product formulation, brand development, and management. Under his leadership, Axis Mundi Hemp has thrived, establishing itself as a trusted name in the CBD market, beloved by consumers integrating hemp into their daily routines.

    Phil’s professional journey began in healthcare, where he honed his skills as a registered nurse specializing in orthopedic and neurosurgical care. His roles as Charge Nurse at Memorial Hospital of South Bend and Elkhart General Hospital underscore his leadership in nursing management, trauma nursing, and medical-surgical care. His dedication to patient outcomes and interdisciplinary collaboration set a high standard in healthcare delivery.

    Transitioning from healthcare to entrepreneurship, Phil’s role as Retail Manager at Made by Hemp showcased his proficiency in alternative medicine and retail sales, pivotal in launching one of Elkhart’s first CBD hemp supplement stores. His tenure at Hedge House Furniture as a Designer’s Assistant further demonstrated his craftsmanship in custom and modern furniture design, blending artistic vision with practical manufacturing expertise.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Phil is recognized for his advocacy in social entrepreneurship and sustainability within the agriculture and horticulture sectors. His contributions extend to mentoring startups and CEOs, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge and leadership acumen.

    Phil Beachey continues to drive innovation at the intersection of healthcare and consumer goods, embodying a commitment to excellence, creativity, and community impact. His journey epitomizes a dedication to bridging healthcare expertise with entrepreneurial vision, shaping industries and improving lives through innovative solutions.

    Character: Phil Beachey is characterized by his dedication, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit, evident in his 20-year career in healthcare and pioneering roles in the emerging hemp industry.

    Knowledge: With deep expertise in healthcare, alternative medicine, and hemp cultivation, Phil leverages his comprehensive understanding to innovate and drive success in product development and market strategy.

    Strategic: Excels in strategic planning and execution, evident in his founding of Cardinal Labs and Axis Mundi Hemp, where he strategically navigates market complexities and leads brands to prominence.

    Communication: Known for his effective communication skills, Phil engages stakeholders across sectors, fostering collaborations and achieving impactful outcomes in retail, healthcare, and agricultural industries.


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