Peter Paliura: A Strategic Legal Mind Driving Success and Exceeding Expectations

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    Peter Paliura is a dynamic and results-oriented Attorney at Law renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, strategic approach, and collaborative spirit. With a Juris Doctor degree from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, College Park, Peter has cultivated a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of legal intricacies.

    Under the leadership of Peter Paliura, Paliura LLC has solidified its position as a respected law firm catering to a wide spectrum of legal needs. Specializing in safeguarding the rights of consumer and service businesses, such as retail and e-commerce stores, alongside construction and contracting-related companies, the firm excels in navigating intricate breach of contract disputes. With a proven track record, they bring expertise to personal injury cases arising from motor vehicle accidents, workplace mishaps—especially within construction sites—assault, battery, and other intentional torts. Moreover, extending their reach, they offer comprehensive family law services, including representation in child custody, child support, and termination of parental rights cases throughout Alabama. Grounded in a commitment to advocating for our clients, we ensure thorough and effective legal representation in every case they undertake.

    Throughout his career, Peter has demonstrated a passion for delivering exceptional legal services and exceeding business objectives. As an Associate Attorney at The Ike Gulas Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, Peter handles a wide spectrum of personal injury cases, including premises liability, products liability, slip and falls, wrongful death cases, and general civil litigation. His responsibilities include drafting demand letters and complaints, conducting thorough investigations, and negotiating settlements with insurance companies on behalf of clients. Peter’s ability to analyze complex legal issues and provide strategic counsel has earned him a reputation for delivering favorable outcomes for his clients.

    At Carrier Robbins Peter’s responsibilities included offering legal guidance and expertise regarding the Employee Retention Tax Credit program. This involved assisting clients in comprehending eligibility criteria, navigating intricate tax laws, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Moreover, he provided strategic advice and support to help eligible employers maximize ERTC benefits while minimizing potential legal liabilities.

    Peter’s legal expertise extends beyond the realm of litigation to include contract drafting, negotiation, and management. During his tenure as a Legal Consultant at C.S.P.N. Construction Corporation in New York City, Peter assessed cases to determine probable outcomes, researched relevant legal precedents, and negotiated contracts valued up to $5 million. His strategic approach to contract development resulted in substantial cost savings for the company and ensured compliance with legal requirements.

    In addition to his professional legal experience, Peter is also an accomplished entrepreneur. As the Chief Editor and Co-Founder of The Daily Bit, a blockchain and digital asset publication based in New York City, Peter successfully grew the readership from zero to over 100,000 subscribers. He authored engaging newsletters and posts, established strategic partnerships with industry leaders, and ultimately sold the business for a profit in 2018.

    Throughout his career, Peter has leveraged his legal acumen, business savvy, and entrepreneurial spirit to drive success and exceed expectations. He is recognized for his unwavering commitment to his clients, his ability to navigate complex legal matters with precision, and his talent for building strong, lasting relationships within the legal community and beyond. Peter Paliura stands as a testament to excellence in the legal profession, consistently delivering outstanding results and making a positive impact in every endeavor he pursues.

    Character: Peter Paliura embodies integrity, diligence, and a strong work ethic, fostering trust and reliability in all his professional endeavors.

    Knowledge: With a solid educational background and hands-on experience in diverse legal areas, Peter possesses a deep understanding of legal intricacies and a keen ability to apply his expertise to complex situations.

    Strategic: Peter demonstrates strategic thinking by adeptly analyzing legal matters, anticipating challenges, and devising innovative solutions to achieve optimal outcomes for his clients and organizations.

    Communication: Peter excels in clear and effective communication, both written and verbal, enabling him to articulate complex legal concepts with precision and empathy, fostering collaboration and understanding among stakeholders.


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