Paul M. Kanitra: Visionary Leader in Government Relations, Lobbying, and Public Affairs

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    Paul M. Kanitra stands as a highly esteemed figure in the realms of government relations, lobbying, and public affairs, renowned for his outstanding contributions at local, state, federal, and international levels. Serving as the President of LOBBYIT.COM since February 2009, Kanitra has not only established a world-class lobbying firm but has also pioneered a groundbreaking business model that provides comprehensive and affordable lobbying services to a diverse clientele.

    His adept leadership has been instrumental in representing the interests of small, medium, and large companies, professional associations, labor unions, municipalities, universities, and non-profit organizations. Kanitra’s success is reflected in the national recognition received by LOBBYIT.COM, featured in major media outlets such as The Washington Post, CEO Update, Worth Magazine, and

    Throughout his illustrious career, Kanitra has displayed a remarkable ability to navigate the complexities of government relations. As the Government Relations Manager at CARFAX from May 2006 to June 2010, he managed all government relations activities for the nation’s largest vehicle history report company. His strategic efforts included providing testimony at committee hearings, collaborating with local specialists nationwide, and safeguarding the company’s access to crucial data sources through proactive lobbying.

    Kanitra’s diverse experience also extends to his role as the Director of Government Affairs at the RENO SPARKS INDIAN COLONY from May 2005 to May 2006. In this capacity, he played a key role in lobbying the state legislature for the passage of State Assembly Bill 299, facilitating a land exchange between the colony and the State of Nevada. His efforts resulted in the unanimous passage of the legislation, contributing significantly to additional tax revenue and fostering positive relationships with county, state, and federal officials.

    As the Government Relations Manager/Lobbyist for THE ASSOCIATED LOCKSMITHS OF AMERICA from May 2003 to May 2005, Kanitra managed government relations programs and activities for the locksmith industry. He monitored legislation on federal and state levels, developed and implemented grassroots campaigns, and formulated strategic plans to ensure favorable legislation.

    In addition to his impactful professional journey, Kanitra has ventured into elected positions, currently serving as the State Assemblyman for New Jersey’s 10th Legislative District, and having held positions such as Councilman and Vice President of the National Alumni Board at Texas Christian University. His commitment to public service extends to various boards, including Hoops For Youth Foundation and the Association of Government Relations Professionals.

    Kanitra’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by awards such as the Mid-Market Achievement Award (2016) from CV Magazine and the 50 on Fire Award (2014) from InTheCapital in the Government & Advocacy category. He is also a Hall of Fame inductee (2015) by the Point Pleasant Beach Public Education Foundation.

    Regularly featured on national media outlets like FoxNews and CNN, Kanitra continues to be a thought leader and influential voice in the realms of government, lobbying, and public affairs. His extensive network of contacts, strategic acumen, and dedication to promoting organizational agendas underscore his impactful and enduring contributions to the field.

    Character: Paul M. Kanitra demonstrates exceptional integrity, leadership, and commitment to public service, evident in his roles as Mayor, Councilman, and Vice President of the National Alumni Board.

    Knowledge: Kanitra possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in lobbying, government relations, and public affairs, as showcased by his successful leadership at LOBBYIT.COM and notable contributions in various roles, such as Government Relations Manager at CARFAX.

    Strategic: A strategic thinker, Kanitra excels in coalition building, influencing regulatory change, and fostering alliances, as evidenced by his achievements in lobbying efforts, legislative alterations, and facilitating significant funding opportunities.

    Communication: With a strong media presence, including appearances on FoxNews and CNN, Kanitra showcases excellent communication skills, effectively representing organizations, delivering speeches, and engaging with constituents to maximize public exposure and promote organizational objectives.


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