Patrice Bisiot: Visionary Style Interventionist and Brand Building Expert

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    Patrice Bisiot is a visionary author, CEO, and founder of Image Impact Index LLC, a globally known entity he passionately nurtured for over two decades. Dedicated owner, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his vision, mission, and purpose.

    Patrice’s newest best-selling book, ‘Mind Your Impact, Style Interventionist,’ is the culmination of five years of dedication. In each chapter, this book describes a celebrity or global leader’s journey and turning point working with Patrice and offers an exercise book along with a blueprint for C-Suites, Executives, and Entrepreneurs poised to elevate their lives to the top. It focuses on that crucial nanosecond when you walk into the room, that moment in time you must convey your subliminal message for success, emphasizing that there is NO redo or second chance.

    You only have a nanosecond to make a life-lasting impact.

    His philosophy is clear: Your Brand begins with you. Your Brand IS you. It represents the essence of the relationships you offer and the emotions you ignite. Authenticity and trust form the foundation of Building Your Brand, and Patrice delves deep into self-development, balance, and mental health to achieve each client’s goals. 

    Patrice Bisiot’s expertise extends beyond appearance; he emphasizes the power of your image’s message and the need to take charge of it. His personalized, solution-based consultation program spans nine weeks and centers on three crucial principles, ensuring that every aspect of your message aligns with your desired Brand.

    As an owner, CEO, and founder of Image Impact Index, Patrice Bisiot has been an influential figure in the realm of Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, HR, and Accounting for nearly a quarter-century. His experience and insights have guided individuals and corporations toward creating a life-lasting impact through their image, message, and Brand clarity.

    His educational background includes a Brevet Professionnel and Brevet de Maitrise in Fashion, Management, Psychology, and Social Studies, further demonstrating his well-rounded knowledge and skills with one-on-one coaching, keynotes, and workshops.

    Patrice Bisiot’s work transcends mere aesthetics, profoundly impacting personal and corporate culture by understanding the intricate connection between visual cues, self-development, and success. He is a true authority in crafting an authentic, trusted, and disciplined Brand that resonates with clients, personal relationships, and the professional world.

    Character: Patrice is a visionary interventionist with unwavering dedication and utmost passion for personal and corporate authenticity, Brand trust, and mental health in pursuing success.

    Knowledge: His two-decade journey at Image Impact Index demonstrates a deep understanding of management, marketing, HR, and accounting, offering invaluable insights into custom solutions for clients and corporations.

    Strategic: Patrice Bisiot’s strategic approach focuses on creating an authentic and disciplined Brand built on trust and self-development, leading to everlasting personal and professional relationships.

    Communication: As an author, Patrice excels in simplifying a complicated process, conveying the importance of the nanosecond message. Being stuck is not a mere inconvenience but a block to success. He offers a nine-week coaching program empowering individuals to understand and implement daily, take charge of their message, and align it with their goals to Build their Brand, demonstrating his impactful, intuitive, and solution-based communication skills.

    In another recent interview, Bisiot explained, “Being a passionate listener and observer, I can custom a solution to each client’s problem, not by changing who they are but taking them through the process to being their best self, improving communication skills, understanding the mindset and behavior impacting the outer world, in personal and corporate culture. The image is not skin deep, not a vanity project. Understanding the Impact you ignite by how you present yourself is critical. Social media has created such confusion and chaos. It is time to reset self-development into leadership with a different, simple, and logical way to develop the Brand you want to put out to the world, creating maximum success”.

    Patrice Bisiot is now sharing his Intuitive Intelligence Methodology with business leaders and companies around the globe.


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    Lisa Williams
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