Molly K Stevens: Driving Growth Through Strategic Leadership in Marketing and Sales

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    Molly K Stevens, RICP, is a seasoned professional in marketing, sales, and leadership, renowned for her strategic thinking and results-driven approach. With over a decade of experience in various executive roles, Molly has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead teams and drive organizational growth. Currently serving as the VP of Product, Investment, Channel & Field Support Strategy, Molly is responsible for devising go-to-market strategies for product launches and improving the overall product and investment experience across all channels and firms.

    In her previous roles, Molly held positions such as AVP of RIA & Lead Generation Strategy, where she developed and executed marketing strategies aligning with diversifying and expanding distribution channels, and AVP of Channel Marketing, overseeing go-to-market initiatives across Jackson’s distribution platforms. Her leadership skills were further showcased as the Director of the National Sales Desk, where she managed a team of internal wholesalers and drove sales goals through effective training and development.

    Molly’s career highlights include numerous awards and recognitions for outstanding performance, such as The Stevie’s Awards, APEX Awards, Financial Communications Society Awards, and Wealth Management Wealthies Award finalist. She has been instrumental in product innovation and development, including the launch of the Jackson Market Link Pro Suite of Registered Index Linked Annuitys (RILA), and Jackson’s Retirement Investment Annuity. Molly’s expertise in penetrating new markets is evidenced by her successful partnerships within the RIA market as well as State Farm and Ameriprise.

    With a BA in Finance and Economics from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, Molly possesses a strong foundation in financial management and strategic planning. Her key skills include being a self-starter, effective communicator, strategic planner, and strong leader. Molly’s dedication to continuous improvement and her passion for success drive her to exceed expectations and make a meaningful impact in every role she undertakes.

    Character: Molly Stevens is a dynamic and accomplished professional known for her leadership, strategic thinking, and results-driven approach.

    Knowledge: With over a decade of experience in marketing, sales, and leadership roles, Molly possesses deep expertise in devising effective strategies and driving organizational growth.

    Strategic: Molly excels at guiding teams and achieving organizational growth by leveraging her strategic mindset and ability to translate market insights into compelling solutions.

    Communication: As an effective communicator, Molly fosters collaboration and alignment across teams, ensuring that her vision and strategies are clearly understood and executed.

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