Mitesh Kapadia: Visionary Tech Leader Driving Revenue, Innovation, and Strategic Growth

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    Mitesh Kapadia, an accomplished professional with two decades of experience in the tech industry, currently serves as the Chief Customer Officer for a leading Generative AI/NLP Platform. His expertise spans a diverse range of areas, including web3, cloud, mobile, payments, data management, NLP, and AI.

    With a B.A.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Mitesh has dedicated 10 years to each of three key domains:

    • Revenue Leadership:
      • As the Chief Customer Officer at Accern, Mitesh has been instrumental in driving revenue growth, increasing ARR by an impressive 250% and securing a substantial $40M Series B funding.
    • Sales Engineering and Pre-Sales:
      • With a decade focused on simplifying the sales process, Mitesh has significantly contributed to several companies, including Cinchy, where he served as the Senior Director of Pre-Sales Solutions. During his tenure, he not only increased ARR by 120% but also shortened the sales cycle by 15%, culminating in a successful $14.5M Series B funding round.
    • Product Development Strategies:
      • Mitesh’s expertise in building product development strategies is evident in his roles as a Co-founder at Inbox Cube and Founder at M3 Technologies and Practice Tech. He has successfully led teams in developing innovative solutions, raising significant funds, and achieving impressive user bases.

    Mitesh is known for providing strategic guidance to technology companies, leveraging his extensive experience to advise on impactful decision-making based on both short and long-term corporate strategy.

    His career journey includes notable achievements, such as establishing a Global Sales Engineering methodology at Blackhawk Network and generating $6.5M in licenses for NexJ Systems as a Senior Sales Engineer.

    In addition to his professional achievements, Mitesh Kapadia is an Advisor at Agent CoPilot, contributing his expertise to a startup focused on enterprise video personalization using Generative AI.

    Throughout his career, Mitesh has demonstrated a keen ability to navigate the complexities of the tech industry, consistently driving growth, enhancing customer experiences, and contributing to the success of the companies he’s been a part of.

    Character: Mitesh Kapadia exemplifies resilience and adaptability, leveraging two decades of diverse tech experience, embodying a proactive and dynamic approach to professional challenges.

    Knowledge: With a robust background in Computer Engineering and extensive expertise in web3, cloud, mobile, payments, data management, NLP, and AI, Mitesh is a seasoned professional well-versed in the intricacies of the tech industry.

    Strategic: Mitesh’s strategic prowess is evident in his roles as Chief Customer Officer at Accern, where he significantly increased ARR and secured substantial funding, showcasing his ability to drive revenue and shape the strategic direction of companies.

    Communication: Possessing a decade of specialization in Sales Engineering and Pre-Sales, Mitesh demonstrates exceptional communication skills, simplifying complex tech concepts for business audiences and contributing to successful sales processes across various technology companies.


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