Mike Rakowsky: A Visionary Leader in Business and Philanthropy

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    As an accomplished leader bridging the realms of private for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Mike Rakowsky is dedicated to forging paths toward unparalleled success. With a profound reservoir of experiences and a prominent role on various boards, he is uniquely positioned to guide emerging ventures to triumphant heights.

    Key Competencies:

    • Training Program Development: Proficient in the art of crafting and supervising training programs that empower individuals and teams to excel.
    • Multilingual Proficiency: Fluent in Spanish and conversant in French, Mandarin, Hebrew, and Yiddish, Mike’s linguistic versatility fosters seamless global communication.
    • Cultural Acumen: His deep appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures enable him to seamlessly foster cross-cultural collaboration and mutual understanding.
    • Effective Communication: A virtuoso in both verbal and written communication, Mike has an innate ability to convey ideas with clarity and impact, making him an outstanding public speaker.
    • Martial Arts Mastery: As a 3rd Degree Black Belt holder in Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Do, Mike’s discipline, dedication, and commitment to personal growth shine through.

    Professional Journey:

    National Field Director 03/2022 to Current La Machine Consultants – Phoenix, AZ

    In his current role, Mike masterminds the strategic recruitment, training, and deployment of paid voter contact specialists. He skillfully directs high-stakes petition campaigns, voter registration drives, and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) initiatives across Arizona and beyond, consistently delivering successful outcomes.

    Board/Commission Member 04/1996 to Current Phoenix Sister Cities, Inc. – Phoenix, AZ

    Over two decades of unwavering commitment characterize Mike’s tenure as Chair of the Hermosillo, Mexico Committee. In this capacity, he pioneered a diverse tapestry of exchange programs and cultural activities. Furthermore, Mike serves as a Commissioner, skillfully overseeing relationships with ten distinct cities. He was honored to chair the Committee Chairs and presided over the overall Commission for three years, overseeing the addition of Sister City Ramat-Gan, Israel.

    Marketing Specialist 04/2014 to 06/2018 Arizona Clean Energy – Phoenix, AZ

    As a Marketing Specialist, Mike displayed his acumen by deftly assessing complex customer needs and situations. He employed intricate calculations to recommend and sell appropriate solar systems, and his expertise in facilitating financing arrangements ensured punctual, effective installations.

    Board Member 10/2010 to 07/2014 Arizona Tooling & Machining Association (ATMA) – Phoenix, AZ

    Business Development Manager 03/2010 to 07/2014 Semiray, Inc. – Phoenix, AZ

    In these roles, Mike employed a multifaceted approach, spanning telephone, email, and in-person engagement, to establish connections with potential customers. He also excelled at forging critical partnerships with machine shop customers, specializing in aerospace testing, consistently guaranteeing their satisfaction.

    President 12/1982 to 04/1996 Buckeye Rubber Products, Inc. – Lima, OH

    At the helm of a highly intricate manufacturing entity with annual revenues exceeding $25 million, Mike orchestrated and supervised all facets. He produced an extensive array of products, serving the defense, automotive, school bus, heavy equipment, shipbuilding, boat building, and other industries. With ultimate responsibility for marketing, sales, cost control, quality assurance, and other pivotal functions, he steered the company to extraordinary success.

    Educational Background:

    • Master of Arts: Public Administration (2 Courses) 04/1978 Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ
    • Bachelor of Arts: Economics, Urban Studies (Dual Major) 06/1973 Brown University – Providence, RI
    • High School Diploma 06/1969 Western Reserve Academy – Hudson, Ohio

    Mike Rakowsky stands as a beacon of accomplishment in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. His unwavering dedication, cultural acumen, and martial arts discipline exemplify his commitment to excellence. Mike possesses the innate capacity to lead organizations to new heights of prosperity, a legacy of achievement, and a commitment to success that remains unmatched.

    • Character: Mike Rakowsky embodies unwavering discipline, dedication, and commitment, exemplified by his 3rd Degree Black Belt in Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Do.
    • Knowledge: With a diverse educational background and a successful career in various sectors, Mike possesses a wealth of expertise that uniquely equips him to tackle multifaceted challenges.
    • Strategic: Mike Rakowsky strategically recruits, trains, and leads teams to achieve successful outcomes, whether it’s overseeing voter campaigns or managing complex business operations.
    • Communication: As a masterful communicator fluent in multiple languages, both written and verbal, Mike excels in conveying ideas with clarity and impact, fostering effective cross-cultural collaboration.


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