Mike Maggio: A Visionary Business Leader

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    With over 45 years of experience, Mike Maggio stands as a dynamic and results-oriented executive, renowned for his ability to cultivate high-energy, winning cultures within organizations. His exceptional leadership skills and strategic acumen have been showcased prominently in his previous role as President and Chief Executive Officer at SP Richards Co.

    Michael Maggio’s career spans decades of impactful leadership within the business product industry. Serving as President and Chief Executive Officer at SP Richards, a renowned $1.4 billion nationwide distribution company boasting 30 distribution centers across 26 states, Michael’s leadership propelled the company to new heights. Following his retirement as advisor to the acquiring company, Michael transitioned seamlessly into academia and business consulting. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Professor of Business Practice-Executive in Residence at Rowan University’s Rohrer School of Business, where he imparts his wealth of knowledge as a mentor, guest lecturer, and advisory board member.

    With over 45 years of industry expertise, Michael has been recognized as a thought leader, featured multiple times in Office Products International and interviewed extensively for podcasts and industry publications worldwide. His experience extends across various organizational structures, including privately held, publicly held, cooperative, and private equity-owned entities, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability in driving success. As a member of corporate advisory boards and three advisory boards for the Business School, Michael continues to shape the future of business education and practice with his invaluable insights and guidance.

    Beyond his corporate achievements, Mike is recognized as a thought leader, contributing insights through articles and podcasts, thus making his expertise accessible to a wide audience. His passion for fostering inclusive and growth-oriented environments has been instrumental in driving the success of businesses and organizations.

    Outside of the boardroom, Mike finds joy in hobbies such as wine making, fishing, and embracing family-centered values. His commitment to excellence, both personally and professionally, underscores his reputation as a dedicated and accomplished business leader.

    With a mission to share his wealth of knowledge and experience, Mike Maggio continues to make significant contributions to the success of companies, making him an invaluable asset in board positions and advisory roles. His track record of success and unwavering dedication to fostering growth position him as a highly sought-after leader in the business world.

    Character: Mike Maggio exudes integrity and authenticity, consistently demonstrating a commitment to ethical leadership and resilience in facing challenges with determination and a positive attitude.

    Knowledge: With over 45 years of experience, Mike possesses a profound understanding of diverse industries, leveraging this expertise to make informed decisions that drive organizational success.

    Strategic: Mike’s strategic acumen is evident in his ability to envision long-term goals and formulate detailed plans to achieve them, navigating the ever-evolving business landscape with agility and vision.

    Communication: Mike excels in articulating ideas and concepts with clarity and precision, fostering open and productive dialogue within teams, and adapting his communication style to various stakeholders to enhance collaboration and understanding.


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