Mike Arenberg: Accomplished Biotech Executive with Deep Expertise in Strategic Transactions and Corporate Development

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    Mike Arenberg is a seasoned C-level biotech executive with over two decades of operational experience in strategic planning and capital markets activity. His extensive background includes leading biotech companies through transformative deals and successful exits, notably orchestrating a $1.35 billion sale to Merck. With deep expertise in business development and strategic transactions, Mike has consummated multiple company-changing licensing, M&A, and fundraising deals, boasting over 50 business development transactions and numerous capital raises. His adeptness at navigating through corporate pivots and transformations has been instrumental in guiding companies from early to late-stage clinical development, commercial planning, and strategic shifts.

    Currently Mike serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Angitia Biopharmaceuticals. Angitia Biopharmaceuticals is dedicated to discovering, developing, and commercializing breakthrough therapeutics targeting serious musculoskeletal diseases. Founded in 2018 by Dr. Hua Zhu (David) Ke, the company leverages his extensive experience in bone disease research to advance innovative treatments. Angitia’s mission is to address unmet medical needs with a focus on integrity, collaboration, and innovation. The leadership team, comprising seasoned professionals with robust industry experience, drives the company’s efforts in bringing novel solutions to patients worldwide. 

    Mike’s leadership extends to corporate governance and risk management, with over 20 years of public boardroom experience, including roles as Corporate Secretary and Corporate Officer. He has evolved corporate infrastructures to meet performance goals and manage business risks in the highly regulated biotech industry. His proficiency in investor relations, corporate strategy, and execution has consistently driven value creation.

    At Imago BioSciences, Inc., as Chief Operating and Business Officer, Mike led the deal process culminating in the sale to Merck, doubling the company’s market cap from $600M to $1.35B and expanding its pipeline. His responsibilities included global business and corporate development, investor relations, and strategic operations. At DURECT Corporation, Mike served as CFO and Corporate Secretary, overseeing all financial and capital market activities, public relations, strategic planning, and business development. He negotiated over 70 strategic collaborations and transactions, raising $150 million through equity and business deals.

    Mike’s career also includes co-founding IntraEAR, Inc., where he played a pivotal role in securing approvals, building a sales force, and negotiating its sale to DURECT Corporation, earning investors a 3x return. His board experience includes directing NeuroSystec, Inc., and negotiating its sale to Otonomy.

    Mike holds an MBA from Santa Clara University’s Leavy School of Business, a JD with honors from the University of Denver School of Law, and a BA in Communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His comprehensive knowledge and strategic leadership have consistently driven growth and value in the biotech industry.

    Character: Mike Arenberg is a highly accomplished and integrity-driven biotech executive, known for his dedication, accountability, and respect for colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.

    Knowledge: He possesses deep expertise in finance, business development, strategic transactions, corporate governance, risk management, and scaling operations for high growth within the biotech and life sciences industries.

    Strategic: Mike has successfully led numerous transformative deals, including mergers and acquisitions, in- and out-licenses and has guided companies through rapid growth phases and strategic pivots, resulting in significant value creation.

    Communication: He is an effective communicator, skilled in investor relations, public relations, and corporate communications, and adept at negotiating complex deals and leading cross-functional teams to achieve strategic objectives.


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