Michael Mascioni: Pioneer in Interactive Media, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Innovation

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    Michael Mascioni is an accomplished professional with extensive expertise in marketing, marketing research, and strategic planning, particularly within the domain of interactive media-communications. His career spans several decades, marked by diverse roles and contributions across various conferences, publications, and consulting positions.

    Throughout his career journey, Mascioni has held pivotal positions that include roles as a marketing consultant at Raven Sun Creative, co-chairman at the Future of Immersive Leisure Conference, and program director at Megatrends in Clean Energy and Innovations conference. His proficiency in designing programs, selecting speakers, and steering marketing strategies has been evident in his various leadership roles.

    As an independent market research consultant in interactive media, Mascioni’s work encompassed a broad spectrum, from writing comprehensive reports on interactive TV advertising and user-generated content to crafting white papers on digital marketing platforms.

    His impressive portfolio extends to his written works, including publications like “Reinventing Government through Political Entrepreneurship and Exponential Innovation,” co-authorship in “The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier,” and contributions to books like “FutureScapes- The Future of Business” and “50:50- Scenarios for the Next 50 Years.”

    With a Master’s in Management from the Polytechnic Institute of N.Y. and a B.A. in English from St. Lawrence University, Mascioni combines a strong academic background with extensive practical experience. He is known for his command of French and Italian, knowledge of Russian, and a wide breadth of travel experiences that have enriched his global perspective.

    Mascioni’s expertise as a mentor, consultant, author, and speaker in the field of interactive media underscores his commitment to advancing innovation, strategic planning, and immersive experiences across various industries.

    • Character: Michael Mascioni exhibits a resilient, innovative, and visionary character, embracing challenges and exploring cutting-edge trends in the interactive media landscape.
    • Knowledge: His vast experience and expertise encompass various domains, including interactive media, marketing research, strategic planning, and clean energy innovations, showcasing a deep understanding of these industries.
    • Strategic: Michael has shown a strategic approach in designing and executing programs, selecting speakers, marketing, publicity, and venue coordination for numerous conferences and events in immersive entertainment and clean energy.
    • Communication: With exceptional communication skills, he disseminates insights through publications, authored books, and speaking engagements, contributing thought leadership to the interactive media sphere.


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