Michael C. Miller: Visionary Banking Executive Driving Growth and Excellence

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    Michael C. Miller is an accomplished banking executive renowned for his strategic acumen, transformative leadership, and expertise in commercial lending, credit administration, sales, marketing, and operations. With a goal to secure a banking role aligning with his extensive skill set, Miller seeks to contribute his vast experience to drive organizational growth and success.

    As the President & CEO of International City Bank from September 2012 to March 2021, Miller spearheaded a remarkable expansion. Under his guidance, the bank experienced exponential growth, increasing its capital base from $28 million to $62 million while escalating total assets from approximately $135 million to nearly $500 million organically. Notably, his adept leadership ensured the bank’s commendable standing with the OCC, marked by the absence of outstanding MRA’s as of March 31st, 2021.

    Miller’s impactful tenure as President & CAO, where he successfully resolved challenges related to the “consent order,” is a testament to his leadership prowess. Assuming responsibility for Credit Administration and steering the ALCO committee, he played a pivotal role in developing and executing a comprehensive three-year strategic plan, instrumental in the bank’s future growth. His adept handling led to the removal of the “Consent Order” under his direction in October 2012.

    Prior to this, as EVP & CCO from July 2009 to August 2011, Miller demonstrated his prowess by rectifying lending matters under the “consent order” within a year, showcasing his ability to bring about compliance and significantly enhance the bank’s credit rating. His accomplishments included a substantial reduction in classified loans, improved delinquency rates, enhanced lending staff efficiency, and the formulation of a growth-oriented marketing strategy.

    Miller holds a strong educational background, having majored in Business Management and Administration at Orange Coast College & Saddleback College, complemented by a graduate degree in Banking from Pacific Coast Banking School. His dedication extends beyond professional pursuits, evident through his involvement in various leadership and volunteer roles, including the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, Long Beach Ronald McDonald House Finance Committee, and Children Today-Long Beach, where he serves as a Board Member.

    Michael C. Miller embodies a seasoned banking executive with a proven track record of orchestrating significant growth, implementing strategic initiatives, and fostering operational excellence. His multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to success position him as an invaluable asset in any banking leadership role.


    Michael C. Miller embodies integrity, resilience, and dedication, consistently demonstrating ethical leadership and a commitment to excellence in all endeavors.


    With a robust educational background in Business Management, Banking, and extensive hands-on experience in commercial lending and credit administration, Miller possesses a profound understanding of financial intricacies and industry nuances.

    Strategic Ability:

    Miller showcases exceptional strategic acumen by formulating and executing comprehensive plans that fuel organizational growth, optimize operations, and navigate through complex regulatory challenges, as evidenced during his tenure at International City Bank.


    Adept at fostering transparent, articulate, and collaborative communication channels, Miller excels in conveying intricate financial concepts with clarity, ensuring alignment across diverse teams and stakeholders to drive unified objectives forward.


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