Matthias Kittok: Transformative IT Leadership Driving SMB Growth and Security Excellence

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    Matthias Kittok is a seasoned IT professional with an extensive track record in securing and optimizing infrastructure for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) all the way to large enterprise for the last fifteen years. As the President of Foresight MSP, a position he has held since taking over from the founder of the company in 2023, Kittok brings a wealth of expertise in managing technology environments tailored to drive business growth and efficiency.

    His role as a Fractional CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) involves advising clients and boards on the business impact, compliance, risk, and process related to technology. Kittok prides himself on building enduring and transparent relationships with clients, deviating from conventional IT consulting by offering highly specialized security insights while also focusing on giving back to charitable causes locally and abroad with every engagement.

    Kittok’s professional journey includes diverse roles that have honed his skills in technical support, project management, team leadership, and customer service. Before joining Foresight MSP, he worked for CSC (now DXC Technology), gaining hands-on experience in troubleshooting, technical support, and team building.

    Kittok’s earlier roles at Creative Realities and Best Buy showcased his adeptness in handling complex technical issues, engineering new and creative solutions, and deploying new technology in retail environments. His service with the Minnesota Army National Guard imbued him with valuable leadership skills, self-discipline, and data security experience, especially during overseas deployment in 2006-2007.

    Earning certifications in compliance management, information security management, and IT risk management, Kittok’s educational background includes studies in Pastoral Studies/Counseling at Oak Hills Christian College, complementing his technical expertise with a well-rounded understanding of human interaction.

    With a robust skill set encompassing compliance management, leadership, information security, and operations management, Matthias Kittok is dedicated to providing comprehensive managed IT services and top-tier security solutions to SMBs, guiding them towards sustainable growth and enhanced operational efficiency.

    • Character: Matthias Kittok exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and leadership, honed through diverse experiences in IT and military roles.
    • Knowledge: With over two decades of IT expertise, particularly in security, Matthias possesses a deep understanding of technology, leveraging specialized skills to fortify SMB infrastructure, identities, and critical data.
    • Strategic: Matthias Kittok is adept at crafting and executing strategic IT plans that drive business growth, efficiency, and resilience while mitigating security risks.
    • Communication: Matthias excels in transparent and collaborative communication, articulating complex technical concepts in a clear and relatable manner, crucial for building lasting client relationships and board cohesion.


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