Matthew Shump: Leading Data-Driven Growth

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    Matthew Shump is a seasoned executive (~20 yrs) with extensive experience in data engineering, analytics, and data science across various industries. Currently serving as an Advisor/Fractional Chief Data/Analytics/AI Officer to various operators and data leaders, Matthew’s expertise lies in pioneering innovative solutions and driving strategic initiatives to propel company growth and success.

    Prior to his current role, Matthew held key leadership positions at renowned tech and SaaS companies. As the VP (Head of) Data Engineering, Analytics, and Data Science at Vimeo from 2022 to 2024, he spearheaded a centralized department of 50 engineers, analysts, and scientists across multiple locations, driving data strategy and execution to enhance company reporting, scalability, and customer-facing solutions. Before his tenure at Vimeo, Matthew served as the VP (Head of) Data Engineering, Analytics, and Data Science at ChowNow, where he led transformative initiatives resulting in significant revenue generation and operational efficiency improvements.

    His vision and expertise in data infrastructure development and actionable insights played a pivotal role in driving business success. Matthew’s career journey also includes a Director role at Intercom, where he lead impactful projects such as partnering with Product leadership to focus on outputs instead of outcomes, rebuilding the Go-To-Market Data Science team and establishing a company Data Governance strategy. His pragmatic approach and focus on executive-level decision-making have been instrumental in fostering a culture of data-driven insights and innovation.

    With a robust educational background, including a Master’s degree in Statistics and certifications in data science and Lean Six Sigma, Matthew combines technical prowess with strategic acumen to deliver measurable results. He is also an advisor, mentor and investor in various start-ups and an active member of InvestInData, partnering with top industry Data leaders to shape the future of data technology

    With a passion for leveraging data to drive strategic decision-making and innovation, Matthew Shump continues to make a profound impact on the organizations he serves, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage in today’s data-driven landscape.

    Character: Matthew Shump demonstrates integrity, resilience, and a passion for innovation in his leadership roles, fostering trust and collaboration within diverse teams.

    Knowledge: With a deep understanding of data science, analytics, and machine learning, Matthew leverages his expertise to drive strategic decision-making and business growth across various industries.

    Strategic: Matthew excels in developing and executing data-driven strategies that align with organizational goals, driving impactful initiatives and fostering a culture of innovation.

    Communication: As an effective communicator, Matthew collaborates closely with cross-functional teams, translating complex data insights into actionable strategies and empowering others to make informed decisions.


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